Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dyson DC18 Slim

This has been a favorite among the Dyson models. Its light weight and slim design makes this vacuum easy to store.

The 25′ cord makes it nice to move from room to room before having to unplug and switch to another outlet.

Dyson’s Ball™ is a new way to vacuum, the ball pivots so direction changes can be made instantly allowing you to “turn on a dime”, improving the upright vacuums maneuverability and ease to get around furniture and corners.

After experiencing the “Ball” and how easy it is to maneuver around furniture, you’ll have a hard time going back to a regular upright vacuum.

The DC18 is no longer being manufactured by the Dyson company, but can still be purchased at some stores. The price for this vacuum runs from $460 new to refurbished at $180.

Dyson DC18 Features:

  • Light Weight
  • Strong Suction
  • Durability to last
  • Cost effective
  • Attachments included
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter System


The weight of a vacuum may be high on your list when choosing the right vacuum. The Dyson DC18 Slim Upright is around 15 lbs; this is about 5 pounds lighter than some of the other Dyson upright models and if you have stairs in your home you know how cumbersome it can be to lug around a heavy vacuum.


The suction is one thing you notice about the DC18 slim vacuum when you turn it on, it is powerful. The DC18 is virtually clog free.

You are able to go over your surface areas with one pass, this means you are able to finish your work in less time. The central pivot on the cleaning head makes contact with the floor surface providing constant cleaning action.

You will find this vacuum works very well on carpeted surfaces as well as bare floors. The on/off switch for its brush head is also easily accessible.


The attachments that come with the vacuum allows you to get into those small areas that you are not able to reach with the upright. The telescoping wand helps when you have to reach the tall areas as well as cleaning stairways.

You may be able to get right under the tables and chairs in your home with the upright but if you can’t they have attachments that work very easily for you to reach those hard to reach spots.

This bagless vacuum makes it very easy to empty, snapping right back in place.

Filter System:

The HEPA filtration system on Dyson vacuum cleaners enhances the clean air exhaust system. This prevents bacteria, dust particles, and allergens from reaching the air.

Dyson DC18 Recommendations:

The drawbacks some people found is the bagless container is small and needs to be emptied more often than a bag but it easily comes off and snaps back into place quickly. The downside of bagless vacuum cleaners is the exposure to dust when being emptied. If you have asthma or other allergies you may want to think about purchasing a vacuum with a bag.

There were those that found it to be a bit noisy for it’s size and the attachments poorer in quality. The only other reservation was it seemed a bit top heavy and tends to fall over.

Most people are happy with the suction the DC18 vacuum has. It seems to get all the dirt the first time. It is very light weight and moves around very easily. The size is small and stores very nicely in a closet without taking up storage space.

It moves easily around and under furniture and makes turning helpful because it goes just about anywhere without much effort.

If you are looking for a vacuum that makes your job easier in a smaller size vacuum the Dyson DC18 Slim Upright will do a good job for you.