Dirt Devil Vision Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dirt Devil Vision Turbo Canister Vacuum

The Vision Turbo Canister Vac is a canister style vacuum manufactured by Dirt Devil.

This model 82700 vacuum is one of the bagless style vacuums that feature a removable dirt container.

The vacuum is mostly constructed out of light weight plastics, and weighs about 11.5 pounds.

The Vision Turbo comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and is available from on line retailers for about $125.

Vision Turbo Canister Features:

  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Variable Power Control
  • Bagless
  • Accessories

Automatic Cord Rewind:

Dirt Devil’s Vision Turbo Vacuum comes with one of the best convenience features on a vacuum; the automatic cord rewind.

No more upper arm/shoulder rotational exercise with this vacuum, just push the rewind button.

Variable Power Control:

The Vision features the ability to control the suction produced by the vacuum by using the variable speed control which is located on the handle.

This means if you are vacuuming delicate fabrics or surfaces, you can dial down the suction so you don’t damage your fine curtains or drapes.


If you like to see the debris you are picking up, bagless vacuums are great.

If you accidently vacuum up a stray object, you can usually either see it or hear it spinning around in the debris cup.

These stray objects are easily recovered. (If you’ve inadvertently vacuumed up a stray object with a vacuum that uses a bag, you usually have to sacrifice the vacuum bag.)

Bagless vacuums can save you money in the long run, since you don’t have to continually purchase disposable vacuum bags.


The Dirt Devil’s Vision comes with a number of accessories and attachments to make you’re cleaning as easy as possible.

It comes with a 31 inch telescoping wand to reach those places above the floor, upholstery tool, a crevice tool to get into those small cracks, and a turbo power brush.

There is also a separate nozzle for hard floor surfaces, and for carpeted surfaces.

Vision Turbo Canister Recommendations:

If you have no carpet, just hard surface floors, no animals, and a small home, the price is right on this vacuum cleaner.

I cannot recommend this vacuum if you need a vacuum cleaner that cleans carpet as it is not versatile with a short cord, and if you own a pet the small debris container is more of a burden then a help.

With a cord of only 20 feet, there are other vacuums on the market in the same price range that actually clean your carpet too.


This is a light weight vacuum that is easy to move with non marring wheels to help protect your floors.

The auto cord rewind means the cord has somewhere to go when not in use. A simple touch of the switch and the cord disappears.

The vacuum is reasonably priced and is backed with a 2 year warranty.

One of the accessories that are included with purchase is a small brush to clean the filter with.

This little accessory helps prolong the life of the vacuum and the filter.

If you are experiencing problems with suction, clean the filter and you should see an improvement in power.


A twenty foot vacuum cord is just too short for many homes. Most homeowners are more comfortable using a cord at least twice that long.

Twenty feet of cord means you are going to have to change outlets frequently, or purchase a separate extension cord.

The vacuum comes with a rather small dirt cup that needs to be emptied frequently.

The attachments are held onto the wand with a plastic clip. This is a poor design.

The attachments can be knocked off while you are using the vacuum, thus interrupting the flow of your work.

You might have to stop what you are doing to collect pieces that are knocked off.

The carpet nozzle is powered by suction only. This is not a very effective method of carpet vacuuming.

Vacuums that feature powered carpet nozzles are much more effective.