Dirt Devil M11002 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dirt Devil Reaction

This Dirt Devil model has patented D2 Technology separating dirt from air. This also increases performance at the nozzle for stronger suction when cleaning upholstery and stairs.

The dirt cup is easy to remove and empty. One click and it easily detaches from the machine. Just hold it over a garbage can and release the bottom. The dust and debris drop out with no mess, thus keeping your floors clean.

The filters are anti microbial, helping to keep the dust down, so it is better for those with allergies. The filters are a “lifetime washable” HEPA filter so you don’t have to keep running to the store for replacements.

This Dirt Devil weighs in around 24 pounds and the D-shape handle fits nicely in your hand for comfortable use.

The cost of the Dirt Devil M11002 is between $120-$150.

Dirt Devil M11002 Features:

  • Patented D2™ Technology
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Bagless
  • Headlight
  • Rotating Power Brush
  • Bare Floor Brush and Extra Wand
  • 5 Position Height Adjustment
  • Edge cleaning
  • D grip handle
  • Life time washable HEPA filter
  • Power brush with 5 position adjustments


This vacuum comes with a rotating turbo tool, 2 in 1 upholstery/dusting brush, wands and a crevice tool, making it easy to clean upholstery and hard floors. The 32 foot cord and extending wands enable you to reach farther and get to more areas of your house before having to change outlet locations.

The bare floor brush and extra wand work wonders on hardwood floors. The rear tool storage is very handy making it easy to get what you need quickly. The suction on this vacuum does a pretty good job on pet hair.

The headlamp allows you to see the dirt in the corners and has scuff guard bumpers to protect the walls and doorways from being damaged.

Dirt Devil M11002 Recommendations:

One owner wrote she has no problems with this vacuum. It works nice picking up pet hair.

Another owner of the Dirt Devil M11002 said the filter clogged but after cleaning, it ran perfectly.

One reviewer wrote the filters last forever, the price was right, the vacuum works very well, and he gives the vacuum a five star rating.

One owner of a Dirt Devil had one for years, then decided to try another vacuum. After the first year with this new vacuum it didn’t do a good enough job for her, she went out and bought the Dirt Devil M11002 and loves it. She has been using it for 3 years and hasn’t had to replace any filters and has had no problems with it. She finds it easy to use, lightweight, and with the extra wands and attachments right on the vacuum she always has everything she needs.

A satisfied customer states that she will never go to a bag system. She loves the bagless technology and the suction on this vacuum; even with the hose attachments, is so strong. She is very pleased with all the attachments and the way this vacuum cleans hardwood surfaces. The light on the front is handy to see in the dark corners, it’s lasted years and she has no complaints.