Dirt Devil Reaction Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dirt Devil Reaction Fresh

Dirt Devil is produced by one of the world’s oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies which started operation in 1905.

This model offers dual cyclonic technology which is said to have superior suction and power for all your vacuuming needs. Their” dual” cyclonic technology is patented and gives an edge over other models by dividing the air into two cyclones rather than one. This moves the air at a much higher velocity than in the single chamber resulting in better dirt separation.

This upright weighs 23 pounds, and moves with ease as it is self propelled. It has a comfortable D-shape handle design, adjusting to 5 different heights easily and will cover all floor types. Bumper guards prevent any scuffs on walls and doors, which comes in handy if the children are vacuuming for you. .

The vacuum comes with a 4 year warranty and is priced under $150. You can purchase it at department stores and on line. If you order this product from an online store, some assembly will be required.

Dirt Devil M110006 Features:

  • Dual cyclonic technology
  • Easy empty dirt container
  • HEPA Filter
  • Bagless
  • 4 year warranty
  • Motorized brush roll
  • 32 ft cord
  • Deluxe stretch hose
  • Washable filter
  • Attachments

HEPA Filter:

A nice feature on the M110006 is that it comes equipped with a HEPA filter which can be washed when necessary. The filter can trap nearly 100 percent of the common allergens and dust in your home. You can choose from scented or unscented filters to add a nice aroma after vacuuming.

Power Brush:

The power brush is an effective tool for cleaning the stairs and upholstery. It has a rotating brush that will lift dirt and debris and that coupled with the D2 suction means that more debris will be pickup on the first pass.

Deluxe Stretch Hose and Attachments:

The hose attachment from the vacuum is very easy to use and reaches up to 114 inches. The attachments all fit on the upright for easy access. Just attach the crevice tool and you can reach into corners and small areas as well as reach the cobwebs on the ceilings and doing stairs is a breeze – there is ample hose to reach to the top of the stairs.

Dirt Devil M110006 Recommendations:

“My best friend wanted to test my Dyson against his Dirt Devil Reaction and let me say this. The Dyson pulled up 230 grams and the dirt devil pulled up 298 grams from a 5×5 area. If you want a good vacuum that will do a great job of cleaning and you want to stay below $150 go with the reaction.”

“This was a perfect vacuum for my aging father who vacuums once in awhile and needed something for light dirt that was not very expensive. We were able to purchase it at Target.”

For the price of this vacuum you should be able to use it for light to medium traffic areas. It comes with many features to get any job done. It is a wonder for college students or elderly parents.