Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dirt Devil MO85590 Featherlite

The Featherlite is an upright style vacuum that uses disposable paper bags. It is economically priced at $46.

It comes equipped with a 25 foot long cord; many model vacuums that are more expensive have cords that are not even this long.

The Featherlite is designed for use on carpeted floors or areas where you do not have to turn off a beater bar.

Featherlite comes with a one year manufacturer warranty, and the unit weighs about 13 pounds.

Dirt Devil MO85590 Features:

  • Scuff Guard Bumper
  • Automatic Edge Cleaning
  • On Board Hose and Attachments
  • Microfresh Filtration

Scuff Guard Bumper:

The scuff guard bumper protects your furniture and walls from accidental bumps or scrapes.

Automatic Edge Cleaning:

The nozzle is built with automatic edge groomers, so even the corners of your home are effectively cleaned of dust, dirt and debris.

It might be possible to just to vacuum only, you may not even need the hose or attachments with this model vacuum.

On Board Hose and Attachments:

The Dirt Devil Featherlite comes with the usual assortment of attachments including an upholstery brush, extension wand and crevice tool.

You’ll find these accessories conveniently stored on the vacuum body.

Microfresh Filtration:

Microfresh filtration means your home is a healthier place. 99 percent of allergens are trapped by this filtration system.

Dirt Devil MO85590 Recommendations:


Although not exactly feather-light, this is a lighter than average vacuum that is easy to maneuver, and easy to pick up and transport up stairs if need be.

The vacuum is easy to use, and it is easy to change the bags on this model.

The 13 inch wide nozzle means you’ll be able to quickly vacuum any sized room.

Many more expensively priced vacuums have smaller nozzles; which means you have to make more passes with the vacuum.


Vacuums manufactured by Dirt Devil seem to be notorious for being loud. Your family probably won’t be able to watch TV while you are trying to vacuum.

The cord hangers are placed on the side. This might take some getting used to, since most vacuums have this placed on the back of the vacuum.

Some operators have broken these off, so be aware of where they are placed and take care so you don’t bump into a wall or corner of a piece of furniture.

The Featherlite does not have much in the way of bells and whistles; for instance the beater bar cannot be turned off, and it does not have a full bag indicator. You have to check the bag the old fashioned way.

It is reliable, and inexpensive, and does have a headlight so the operator can at least see the dirt they are trying to remove.