Dirt Devil Breeze Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Dirt Devil 82500 Breeze

The Breeze, by Dirt Devil is a canister style vacuum that does not require bags.

Designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, the Breeze is ideal for above ground cleaning as well as for vacuuming flooring.

The Breeze weighs in at about 11 pounds.

Available from about $82, the Breeze is economically priced. It comes with a 1 year parts and motor warranty.

Dirt Devil Breeze Features:

  • Dirt Devil’s Microfresh filtration
  • Ability to vacuum multiple flooring surfaces
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hose and cord length

Microfresh Filtration:

Dirt Devil has a filtration called “microfresh”.

With this system Dirt Devil says 99 percent of dust allergens are trapped inside the vacuum, and not released in the exhaust system.

It also has a filter called a “permafilter” located in the dirt cup.

The purpose of this filter is to help filter dust and debris.

This filter is a lifetime filter and never needs to be changed; the “microfresh” filter should be changed every 6 months.

Use on Multiple Flooring Surfaces:

The Breeze comes with a carpet nozzle, a bare floor brush, and the usual variety of accessories including wands and other attachments to assist you in above floor cleaning.

Adjust the suction by twisting the wand to expose the vent.

The more of the vent that is exposed, the less suction is available.

Perfect for vacuuming delicate fabrics such as drapes.

Shoulder Strap:

To assist you with above floor cleaning, the vacuum comes with a shoulder strap.

You’ll be able to reach higher surfaces more safely, when you can easily carry the vacuum on your shoulder.

This is also a nice feature when you are vacuuming stairs; you won’t need to worry about possibly tripping over the vacuum if you are carrying it on your shoulder.

Hose and Cord Length:

The length of the cord is 20 feet long and the hose is an additional 72 inches long.

This combined length should provide access to all parts on a room without having to change electric outlets.

Dirt Devil Breeze Recommendations:


The Breeze is an inexpensive model to consider when purchasing a vacuum. It’s relatively lightweight, and can easily adapt to vacuuming floors, or vacuuming above floor surfaces.

It has an easy to empty, clear plastic, see-through canister that allows you to visibly see what you are picking up.

The see through canister is a nice feature, because if you or one of your children accidentally suck up an object that you didn’t mean too, you have a far better chance of recovering the item than if you were using a vacuum that uses disposable bags.

Banging out the permafilter or blowing noticeable dust off the filter with compressed air will extend the life of the vacuum and keep the suction powerful.


At 20 feet long, this is a short cord. Even with a 6 foot long hose, you may have trouble reaching all areas of a room without having to stop the vacuum to find a new outlet.

Purchasing a separate extension cord may save you from frustration, and may save you time.

The 11 inch nozzle is smaller than what comes standard on many vacuums.

You’ll have to make additional passes in each room in order to vacuum the entire surface area.