Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review Of Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch is a home appliance company known primarily for its top-rated dishwashers.

In business since the early 1900s in the U.S., it’s named after Robert Bosch, a German engineer who started a modest workshop in his native land in 1886 that grew into the large company of today.

Bosch makes several models of upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

One of the more popular is the Bosch BUH-11700UC Turbo Jet Vacuum, which has been in production since 2003. This is an upright machine that is modestly priced ($159-$314) and has some interesting features (for both good and bad reasons). Overall, it’s got a lot going for it, and only a few drawbacks, as you’ll see in this review.

Bosch Vacuum Features

Here are the specifications and pertinent features of this Bosch vacuum cleaner:

  • Two motors (suction and brush roller)
  • 12-amp suction motor
  • HEPA motor filtration system
  • Tangle fiber exhaust filtration system
  • Onboard tools
  • Detachable cleaning tube with stretch hose
  • 19 lbs
  • Active Edge Cleaning (cleaning suction extends to the outer edges)
  • Long-life gear-driven brush roller (no belt!)
  • Filter change indicator
  • 13-inch cleaning width
  • 24.5-foot power cord (auto rewind)
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor)
  • Price: $159-$314


To start with, this vacuum has a workhorse of a suction motor at 12 amps. Naming this machine the Turbo Jet was very apt. A lot of upright vacuum cleaners costing five times more than this one’s price have weaker motors. Add the fact that there are two motors on this machine – the main suction motor and a smaller one that powers the brush roller’s agitation. All in all, this combination of power and dual, independent motors gives the Bosch Turbo Jet one of the best power plants of any vacuum out there (at any price).

HEPA Filter

Another impressive feature is the HEPA filter on the suction motor and the tangle fiber exhaust filter. In tandem, that’s a very good filtration system that will trap virtually all dirt, dust, and allergens. Again, it’s something usually only found on much more expensive vacuum cleaners.

Yet another surprising and useful feature on this Bosch vacuum cleaner is the ‘Active Edge Cleaning’ capability. Have you ever been frustrated by an upright vacuum that just can’t quite get all the dirt that accumulates right up against the baseboards? Of course you have – we all have! This vacuum addresses that common, age-old complaint through a clever design that extends the cleaning area right to the very edge of the machine’s roller housing. This wonderful innovation alone makes this vacuum worth every bit of the asking price. Think of the time it will save you!

Speaking of the brush roller, the Bosch Turbo Jet has another great feature: a gear-driven brush. Clearly, the engineers at Bosch have listened to many of the common complaints voiced by upright vacuum cleaner owners over the years, and have eliminated some of the major headaches. The removal of the belt drive is one such innovation. No more thrown belts!


And finally, there’s the surprisingly low price. If you look online and don’t jump at the first vendor you find selling this Bosch vacuum cleaner, your patience will be rewarded with some awesome deals. A few online merchants are selling these machines for as little as $159! At that price, this is probably the best upright on the planet! If you can’t find one for less than $300, it’s still worth that kind of money.

A Few Drawbacks In Our Reviews With This Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

There are a few aspects of this vacuum, however, that bring things back down to Earth a bit. For example, it’s on the heavy side at 19 lbs. That’s definitely not ‘heavy’ heavy, but it’s a couple pounds more than some competitors. One customer who wrote a review of the Bosch Turbo Jet for a popular website mentioned the heaviness, especially when lugging it up and down stairs. Keep in mind that it’s basically impossible to build a vacuum with a big motor like this one has without it being somewhat heavy.

Another online reviewer who owns this vacuum commented on the fact that there is no brush attachment included in the onboard tools. It’s a curious oversight, but not ultimately a major problem for most users.

One feature that comes up in our reviews quite frequently is the power cord length. 24.5 feet? Come on, is this 1955? Someone needs to clue the folks over at Bosch in on the fact that anything less than 40 feet is too short in the modern era. The only saving grace here is the auto rewind feature, which is always a nice time saver.

One other minor drawback is the cleaning width. With such a powerful motor, it’s a shame this model only has a 13-inch path. Bosch could easily have put this same power plant into a 15- or even 17-inch cleaning width and not lost a bit of suction power. But, then again, that would have added to the price, so it’s a trade-off.

One final knock against the Bosch Turbo Jet Vacuum is the price for the bags. Two reviewers commented on how expensive they are. If you vacuum a lot or have a big home with lots of carpets, the cost can quickly add up.

Bosch Vacuum Recommendations

On balance, this Bosch vacuum cleaner is definitely recommended in this review, especially if you can find one for only $159-$199. Even when you add in the cost of an extension cord for the ridiculously short power cord it has, along with the expensive replacement bags, this is still one heck of a good deal on a powerful, impressive machine!