Black and Decker Handheld Pet Vac Review

Review of Black and Decker Pet Vac

This Black and Decker handheld pet series vacuum is designed for pet hair clean up!

The suction on this handheld is very strong and is designed to hold the suction for the entire area you are working on, picking up pet hair fast.

There are attachments for getting into corners easier and cleaning up pet hair on the furniture and floors.

The Cyclonic action helps keep hair and dirt off the filter so suction stays strong. This handheld also has a blower hose to remove hair and dirt from hard to clean areas for more efficient cleaning.

Keep in mind this handheld is for spot cleaning although many customers like the suction so well they start using it for the entire room because it does such a great job.

The price of this handheld is around $30.

Black and Decker HV9010P Features:

  • 20 Foot Corded Dust Buster and Blower
  • Designed for Pet Hair
  • Retriever Turbo Brush
  • Specialized Rubber Bristles
  • Cyclonic Action keeps Filter Clean
  • 165 Air Watts


The turbo brush with rubber bristles allows for better hair pick up. The crevice tool means easier cleanup in small spaces and tiny corners.

The blower feature is worth mentioning and is extremely helpful when you want a thorough cleaning. Blow stuck on food or pet hair from corners clean then vacuum up. The air flow for the blower is as strong as the suction.


A unique feature is the cord. The cord is long enough for reaching large sections of your home in one pass.

This little handheld vacuum gives you the power of an upright vacuum cleaner, removing pet hair from upholstery, floors, cars, and bedding.

Black and Decker HV9010P Recommendations:

One home owner said they loved their new handheld vacuum. The cord was plenty long for reaching the entire living area and how it cleaned the pet hair on the couch. No more getting out the upright vacuum to clean up the pet hair, the handheld is much quicker. Very pleased with the suction power for a handheld vacuum!

One housewife loved the blower system because it was easier to clean corners. Reaching in and blowing the dirt out then going after it with the vacuum. It kept the little dirt and dust from forming in some tight corners especially the ones that are hard to reach.

A mom wrote “Literally, this thing sucks the dirt, pet hair, whatever gets in its way”. She was quite amazed at its sucking power. The rotating brush attachment worked wonders. She loved the rubber bristles and thought the Black and Decker Pet Vac picked up pet hair easier than her large vacuum with it’s pet hair tool.

Overall it sounds like a powerful handheld with ease of access for cleaning the filter, suction power, corded, and a great buy.