Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

The Bissell Healthy Home 16N5 Series Upright Vacuum cleaner is a 12 amp, upright vacuum that is also bag-less. It features an easy to empty collection bin, and a long lasting foam filter.

The Healthy Home vacuum comes with a long 30 foot cord and the vacuum weighs approximately 30 pounds. It has a 15 inch wide cleaning path.

The Bissell Healthy Home is backed by a 5 year limited warranty, and is priced from $170.

Bissell Healthy Home Upright Features:

  • Cyclonic Cleaning System
  • Multiple Adjustment Settings
  • Telescoping Extension Wand and other accessories
  • HEPA Filtration

Cyclonic Cleaning System:

Bissell’s cyclonic cleaning system delivers deep down cleaning by creating non- stop suction. To aid this cleaning system, the vacuum also has a brush roll that has 2 rows of brushes to help pick up deep, embedded dirt out of carpeted surfaces.

Multiple Adjustment Settings:

With multiple height settings, you can use this vacuum effectively on any size pile of carpet.

It also has a bare floor setting, and you can turn the brush roll off when vacuuming delicate surfaces such as wood floors.

No need to have different vacuums for different flooring surfaces when you have the Healthy Home vacuum. This vacuum has 7 different height settings so you can adjust it to any flooring type.

Telescoping Extension Wand:

Reaching areas above the floor is no problem for the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum.

Its telescoping wands allow you to reach high above head to vacuum off things such as curtains, blinds, spider webs in corners, and possibly ceiling vents.

It also comes with a number of accessories designed to help you clean many areas of your home and auto.

There is a crevice tool to help reach those small spaces, a combination dusting/upholstery tool, and a TurboBrush, which is designed to make vacuuming your carpeted stairs or keep your vehicle in great shape.

The TurboBrush is like a small beater bar that fits in places your vacuum base cannot. It connects to the end of the vacuum hose. Another positive feature of this vacuum is it comes with a lifetime belt.

HEPA Filtration:

Bissell claims the HEPA filtration system on these model vacuums traps 100 percent of mold spores, dust mites, pollen and ragweed.

It also traps 99.9 percent of pet dander. HEPA filtration helps keep the air in your home healthier by filtering out allergens.

The Healthy Home vacuum also has anti-microbial product protection to discourage the growth of bacteria and other germs.

Bissell Healthy Home Upright Recommendations:


Users scored this vacuum 4.5 out of a possible 5. What reviewers liked about the Healthy Home vacuum was that it had great suction, and picked up pet hair.

They also commented on design features such as the long 30 foot cord. Not all manufactures’ put 30 foot cords on their vacuums, some are so short you need an additional extension cord just to finish vacuuming one room.

Another positive feature is you can safely use the vacuum on all types of flooring as you can turn off the beater bar.


What users didn’t like was the vacuum is heavy; at 30 pounds, this can be hard for some to carry up or down stairs.

If you have a lot of stairs, and different levels in your home, this vacuum might not be a good choice. Other complained that emptying the dirt container was messy.