Bissell Flip It Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Bissell Flip-It Vacuum

The Flip-It models are made by Bissell, and are dual purpose machines that can either dry vacuum or wet vacuum hard floor surfaces. Model 7340 also has the added bonus of having a built in heater to maximize cleaning capability.

Both of these models are lightweight, the 5200 weighs about 8 pounds, the 7340 weighs about 10 pounds.

The Bissell Flip-It is backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty. The 7340 costs approximately $99, and the 5200 is priced from $70.

Bissell Flip It Features:

  • Maneuverable and lightweight
  • Low profile head
  • Wet or dry cleaning
  • Space saving design
  • Built in heater on the 7340 maximizes cleaning power

Maneuverable and Lightweight:

These models are light weight, the heaviest model of the two weighs approximately 10 pounds. They are easy to push and pull, and have a base that measures about 11 inches long by 8 inches wide.

Low Profile Head:

Designed with the thought that you might need to clean in tough to get places, both models have a low profile head. This means you can easily get to places a normal vacuum can’t, like under beds or other low lying furniture.

Wet or Dry Cleaning:

Simply turning the vacuum around (flipping the handle), causes the function of the vacuum to change from dry vacuuming to wet vacuuming. Use the vacuum to pick up dirt, crumbs etc.; flip the handle over and use the Flip-it to mop your floor.

Spray cleaning solution on your forward stroke; release the trigger as you pull back so the squeegee can dry the floor.

Included with the Flip-it are 2 brushes. You get a soft brush that is intended for use on tile, and a gentle clean pad for use on more delicate surfaces such as laminates or hardwoods.

Space Saving Design:

Get ready to move your broom, dustpan, mop, and mop bucket out to your garage. The Flip-It can replace all those cleaning apparatuses.

Its slender design allows it to fit easily into a closet, and you’ll increase your closet space when you move those now unnecessary, outdated cleaning supplies.

Built in Heater:

On model 7340 only; it comes with a built in heater so you can use cleaning solution plus hot water to increase the cleaning power.

Both models have separate tanks for clean water, and for dirty water. This means you are always cleaning your floor with clean water, not putting dirty water back on a floor like you do when you are using a traditional mop.

Bissell Flip It Recommendations:


Most who purchased either the 7340 or the 5200 were really happy with it. They liked the idea of vacuuming the floor to remove debris, and then flipping to wet clean the floors.

Many liked the idea of having one piece of equipment. User’s mentioned it’s light weight and easy to store because of the compact size. Reviewers also liked the fact that it is easy to change cleaning pads.


Users who did not like this product mentioned that it wasn’t very powerful as a vacuum. They noticed they were still bringing up a lot of debris when wet vacuuming.

Some mentioned that light debris such as hair, had a tendency to blow away, rather than be sucked up. Some reviewers also experienced the Flip-it leaving small puddles of water behind.