Bissell Swift Sweep Sweeper Review

Review of Bissell Swift Sweep

The Bissell Swift Sweep is a cordless sweeper manufactured by Bissell, a company that has been making sweepers since 1876.

It is designed for use on low pile carpets and bare floors. No need to have an extra dustpan with this sweeper, it has twin built in dust pans.

The sweeper works quietly and efficiently, picking up dirt and crumbs in forward and reverse motion.

Because it is cordless and motor-less, the sweeper may be another useful cleaning tool for people who are looking for “green “cleaning products and tools. It is one of the few pieces of cleaning equipment that has no additional operating costs associated with its use.

The Swift Sweep is lightweight, and economical. It is priced from $19.99, and comes with a one year warranty.

Bissell Swift Sweep Features:

  • Steel Construction
  • Twin dustpans
  • Cordless
  • Easy to use

Steel Construction:

The Bissell Swift Sweep features a simple design, and is constructed out of durable steel for many years of reliable use. To protect your furniture from accidently bumps, it has a thick rubber bumper.

Twin Dustpans:

The Swift Sweep has dual dustpans that empty easily with a push from underneath. It also has a brush roll that spins in two directions, forward and reverse. The Swift Sweep also has a clip on comb for use on the brushroll to keep it clean and in top working condition.


No cords and no battery to worry about. This sweeper operates just by pushing and pulling.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have power such as power outages, or camping somewhere, you can still sweep up with the Swift Sweep.

Easy to Use:

The Swift Sweep is designed to be easy to use. It’s lightweight, and operates merely by pushing and pulling. Empty the dustpans with a simple push over the nearest garbage can.

Bissell Swift Sweep Recommendations:


This product was highly recommended. Users like the fact that it is lightweight and maneuverable, and quiet. For times when dragging out a big vacuum cleaner is not possible, the sweeper does what it is supposed to.

It picks up dirt, crumbs etc from low pile carpets and bare floors, and can get dust bunnies from beneath furniture. No electricity is required!


The only negative comment users had regarding the Swift Sweep was the handle assembly. The handle is constructed of two poles that fit together – but the poles don’t stay attached to each other very well. Some users had trouble with the poles coming disconnected while in use.

One user had an easy fix for this problem; she connected the poles together using double faced carpet tape, and that solved the problem.