Organizing Tips for Small Home Spaces

A Stack of Old Suitcases Can be Used to Help Organize.

Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

With my super busy lifestyle – a husband, 3 kids, 2 cats and all the rushing around everyone has to do, the cleaning company I run, and the websites that I write for – it’s no wonder clutter can become a terrible problem in my home in a very short amount of time.

I know I’m not unique, as clutter can take over any home – especially those who live in small spaces like a studio or small apartment.

If we implement some home organization tips on an ongoing basis, we can avoid reaching a point that requires days of cleaning and organizing to put your home back into decent enough condition to share with others.

Follow me down the page for some helpful tips that I use myself, and I’ve helped others to incorporate to one degree or another in their own homes.

Organizing Small Spaces

Let’s go over some home organization tips for those who live in small spaces. If you have a small home and space is limited, here are some storage and organizational ideas for you to work with.


Some smaller homes don’t have a coat closet, when this is the case, here are a few alternative ideas for shoes, keys, purses, coats, etc.

  • Keep a nice basket somewhere by the front door where you can put your most worn shoes.
  • Another option is a shoe rack. Shoe racks will keep shoes off one another and help keep your work/dress shoes nice and clean.
  • If you have the room, a shelf with cubbies can go by the front door. What’s nice about these is you can store shoes in a couple cubbies, keys and purse in another, and some of your other most used items.

Closets or Coat Racks?

Instead of coming home and putting your coat on the back of a chair and your hat on the couch, use a coat rack or pegs you can hang on the wall.

You can keep your scarves, hats, coats, umbrellas, and your purse here.

If you like antiques, a hall tree might work for you. They have a hooks, a seat, mirror, and quite often a little storage.

Organizing a Small Living Area

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa with storage is a nice option for small spaces. This way if a friend stays the night, you pull out the bed.

I have a sofa like this that has storage where I keep extra sheets, a pillow, and blanket. Handy!


When you live in a small space, be smart when you choose your furniture. Think dual purpose. For instance, purchase an ottoman with storage and a top that when you turn it over – it’s a tray.

This works great in place of a coffee table that may not have storage at all.

Side Tables

There are many side tables that have drawers or shelves. Again, think multifunctional. Drawers are a great place for keys, phone, smaller games, etc.

Old Suitcases

I like old suitcases because they have a character all their own. I use them for extra storage and they work great stacked as a side table. I store linens, blankets, sweaters, shoes, books, etc.

Work Desk

If you have room for a small desk, keep only the necessities on the top so it doesn’t look disorganized and messy. Buy a desk that has one or two drawers along the front where you can fit all your bills, checkbook, pens, pencils, etc.

A desk like this can also double as a table for parties, game night, whatever!

Organizing a Small Bedroom


To keep your room from getting that cluttered feel, keep only the essentials on the top of the dresser. On the top of my dresser, I keep an old family plate as a place to keep my jewelery and an old mirror to set my perfumes on.

You can buy drawer organizers for under garments, separate your t-shirts (long sleeves this side, short sleeves the other side), important papers and other things like that.


Organizing the closet with hanging organizers, storage boxes, and baskets can help keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

Extra Storage

Under the bed is a great place for storing more stuff (as long as you aren’t stuffing it under there randomly). I have clear, plastic storage containers where I keep seasonal clothes, extra blankets, purses and shoes.

In the Small Kitchen

Space can be very limited here too.

  • Organize canned goods and spices by type and size. Starting large in the back and putting smaller items in the front.
  • Store dishes and glasses where you can easily get to them, generally by the refrigerator or faucet.
  • Place your less used, fancy dishware higher up in the cabinet.
  • Pots and pans can take up room, especially when you are an avid baker. A great solution is to buy cookware items that are stackable.

This may seem like a lot to absorb, but if you are living with limited space then it is essential to downsize to get the most bang for your buck.

The Final Lesson: Don’t be a Pack Rat

A pack rat is a person that feels like they have to keep everything, but throw little away. As a matter of fact, getting rid of stuff can be difficult for the pack rat. So what to do?

If you feel the urge to hang on to something and keep it, decide where it goes and how you are going to store it. Don’t just put it in a pile or somewhere that it will get in the way.

Try to downsize what you already have. If you bring something new in your home, take something out.

So there you have it! These are some of the things we do. Anyone can take these helpful tips and use them in small spaces or in any home for that matter.