Cleaning and Organizing a Room Closet

Closet Shelves That Have Been Cleaned and Shirts That Have Been Organized.

How to Clean and Organize Your Closets.

Cleaning and Organizing Closets Around the House

Doesn’t it seem like the longer we live in our house, the more it seems to shrink? Shrink as in we no longer have enough storage space because we’ve crammed all we can into any available closet?

Do you often find:

  • You are wasting precious time in the morning trying to find a blouse that isn’t wrinkled beyond belief? If you do, your closets are overstuffed.
  • Clothes constantly fall off hangers onto the floor? If so, your closet is probably overstuffed.
  • You have a hard time getting towels or sheets out of the linen closet because more than one item comes out with the one thing you want? If so, your closets are probably overstuffed.
  • Yourself spend time taking stuff out of a closet looking for the brush attachment to the vacuum then having to shove it all back in when you do find it? If you go through all that, your closets are overstuffed.

Do you wish for clean, organized closets and to rid yourself of all the junk piled high on the shelves? Do you want to see the floor of the closet again? Do you want your clothes neat and tidy?

Organizing and cleaning closets can indeed be a daunting task, but with a systematic approach, it can be manageable and maybe even enjoyable. Here are some steps and tips to help you organize your closets effectively.

I know once you get started you will feel good and as you go through the process, you will probably feel a great sense of relief.

How to Organize Closets

It can be daunting to think about what to do and where to begin. What do you focus on first and how to stay focused when you know the problem has gotten out of control?

Trying to tackle all the closets in your house at once can be overwhelming. Begin with one closet, preferably the one that bothers you the most or the one you use most frequently.

The first closet may take a little time but once you have that one closet under your belt, you will feel more confident with each remaining closet that needs to be cleaned and organized.

What to Consider Before Delving In

Determine what the purpose of the closet is and what it will be used for. Understanding the function of the closet you’re organizing will help you better accomplish the goal.

  1. Is it a bathroom, bedroom or linen closet, a pantry closet, a hall closet?
  2. Consider whether you will need an organizational system to create a space that can accommodate your family’s needs.
  3. Will you need to purchase storage containers, hangers, hooks, or other organizing tools.

Supplies you May Need to Clean Closets

  • Garbage bags
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Cleaning rags
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Vacuum
  • Clear storage containers with lids

Ask Yourself Some Critical Questions

  1. Is this something I really love and is it important to me right now?
  2. How many of these do I have? Do I really need them all?
  3. Is it a family heirloom? Am I saving this to be passed down to my kids one day?
  4. Am I keeping this because I think one day I’ll be able to wear it? Does it look good on me? When was the last time I wore this?
  5.  If I don’t want or need this, can I make a little money on it? Have a garage sale? Sell it online? Give it away?

Start Cleaning Out Closets and Categorizing Items

Now it’s time to finally start clearing out the closet. As you’re doing this make a pile as you go for the following items:

  1. Items that will go back inside the closet.
  2. Items that belong somewhere else in the house.
  3. Items that are broken and belong in the garbage.
  4. Items you no longer want but can be given away or sold.

Cleaning Bedroom and Coat Closets

For a bedroom or coat closet, make a pile for shoes and clothing items:

  1. That are dirty and need to be washed.
  2. That haven’t been worn over the last couple of years, you no longer like or you can’t fit into. These can be given away to charity or a friend or sold.
  3. That are damaged and can be tossed.

Wow. Did you ever think you’d have this many extra hangers? Be careful, just because you now have extra hangers, this does not mean you should go out and buy more clothes. It’s OK to treat yourself every now and then to something new but don’t go overboard.

Note: If you have gone through the up and down struggles of gaining weight and weight loss and have multiple sized clothing items – only keep two sizes up and two sizes down. And in your closet – only keep the size you are currently at. Store clothing you are not currently wearing due to weight, season, etc. in containers that fit under the bed or on the top shelf of a closet.

Organizing and Cleaning the Pantry Closet

For a pantry closet, toss out the old out-dated food items and put the food that goes back in on the counter. I love using storage containers for the pantry. It may have an initial cost associated with it but it’s great to see what I need in a clean and organized way.

Once you do this it’s easy to find flour, sugar, noodles, snacks, etc. in appropriate sized, stackable clear containers. No broken bags of noodles or crackers leaving a mess on the pantry shelf.

After you’ve cleared out the closet, clean shelves and walls, vacuum the floor and use the extension tube and crevice tool to get any cobwebs that might be in the upper corners of the closet. Then put it all back in.

Putting Items Back in an Organized Manner

So once you’ve gone through everything and you know what will be going back in the closet, it’s time to assess the closet space and decide if you have a little shopping to do. Make a list of items you can use to keep things clean and organized, and remember you can go as simple or as creative as you like.

Some options you may consider:

  • Clear containers with lids. These are great for storing seasonal clothes, games, family mementos, kids papers, toys, etc.
  • Labels for labeling your stored items.
  • Baskets are great for storage and they come in a variety of materials, sizes and colors.
  • Crates are another creative way for organizing.
  • Tie rack, hanging shelves, hooks, tiered hangers, etc.
  • Shoe rack.
  • Over the door rods and hooks.
  • Shelf paper.
  • Space saver bags.

When you’ve done your shopping and added the organizational tools you want to use, put your things back in the closet.

Doesn’t it feel good to have a clean and organized closet? The things we’ve gone over might sound like a lot of work and honestly, like we mentioned before, the first closet may take some time but the second and third – you’ve got it, no problem.

Maintaining the Organization

  • Sort clothes and shoes by type – work, play, night out on the town, etc. and you can even sort them further by color.
  • If you’re storing items like seasonal decorations, keep like items together. If you don’t have enough room for these to be stored in a closet, can you keep them in a shed or the garage?
  • If you keep some of your kid’s school papers, keep these stored in their bedroom closet so they can easily look back on their achievements. You may even want to create a scrapbook of their things.
  • If your bathroom storage is limited and you keep extra shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste etc. in the linen closet, could you use a shoe holder that hangs on the back of the door for these things?

Getting your closets organized can actually turn in to a fun way to pass the time away. You never know what you may find.