Low Cost Organizing Tips

Low Cost Organizing Tips

Which category of organizer do you fall into?

  • Those who were born to organize.
  • Those who just create more clutter?
  • Or are you someone that falls into the middle where some things get organized sometimes, but things get out of control fairly quickly?

I wasn’t always an organizer, but over time I’ve learned to become one.

Through raising kids, I’ve had to get creative with some of my organizing ideas. Below are some low cost organizing tips to help get things organized. It’s a small investment on your part and doesn’t require much effort to keep up.

Let’s get busy and learn some affordable organizing tips so you can spend your free time on some other things you enjoy.

Make a To-Do List

I could not live without my to-do list!

A to-do list will help keep most of us organized with all the distractions that are constantly interrupting us. If you’re a really busy person, each night, quickly jot down a list of things to do the next day. If your lifestyle isn’t that busy, jot down a list of things to do weekly.

Reduce Clutter with Hanging Baskets

A friend of mine told me about this years ago and I’ve used this low cost organizing idea in many closets. Tiered hanging baskets, the kind you would typically use in a kitchen with the three baskets.

What a great way and a great place to put small items.

We’ve used them in coat closets for gloves, wallets, scarves, and keys. And in bedroom closets for socks, smaller toys, etc.

You can hang them from a hook on the ceiling or on the clothes rod (you’ll just need to tighten the hook to hold tight to the rod).

Using Plastic Baskets to Organize under the Sink

Whether it’s in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, these are two places that can get messy fast. Instead of everything being tossed away- out of sight, out of mind – go for less clutter and more organized.

What works great for keeping items together really cheaply and efficiently are baskets. I use plastic for these ideas as they clean up better if spills happen. Use a size basket that fits comfortably under the sink. Handle or no handle.

My daughter uses this idea in her bathroom. She has two baskets with the things she uses daily. One for shower items that has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, etc. The other she uses to organize the counter top clutter and holds her hairspray, gel, lotion, brushes, and so on.

Baskets, Caddys and Gadget Organizers

There are a variety of these you can get that are good for holding gadgets, books, and magazines.

I happen to use a basket magazine holder with three compartments for books and magazines and a caddy that hangs over the arm of the sofa – like you see on TV.

The caddy’s are great for keeping TV remotes, the most current book and magazine your reading, eyeglasses, and a pad of paper and pen in one area instead of spread out on tables and chairs.

Over the Door Hooks

I love over the door hooks for organizing coats and scarves!  I use these on several doors myself!

These are great to have in bathrooms and bedrooms and they leave no holes in the wall. These are nice for those most used items, like bathrobes, towels, your favorite pair of pajamas, etc.

Space Saving Bags

Such a smart idea. You can pack up the off season clothes, blankets, pillows, purses, and more, suck out the air and store all these in the corner of a closet until needed.

So you see, there are some smart low-cost ideas out there that can help you get organized and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. Good Luck!