Organizing Closet Tips

Organizing Tips For Your Closet

Closets and garages have a lot in common. They are too small to hold everything you “need” to put in there.

Because of this, designing the “total” utilitarian closet has become a thriving industry. Homes with older walk-in closets can be fitted with sturdy, attractive wire shelving that is very versatile.

Newer homes sport lovely closets with beautiful woodwork – shelves, closet doors, etc. It’s very important to maintain a neat and functional closet area.

I actually have a great walk-in closet. It not only holds my whole wardrobe, but also my linens, heirloom quilts made by a great-grandmother, Christmas ornaments I’ve never unpacked, all of Imelda Marcos’ shoes, a coin collection in coffee cans, and the good Lord knows what else. I really need to organize my closet. But how?

Nothing is less appealing to me than organizing my closet. But, it’s got to be done and there’s nobody but me to do it. The job at the top of my list today is . . . organizing my closet. If you’re ready to organize yours . . . let’s get started.

How To Organize A Closet

I Resolve To Organize My Closet

First, I will remove everything from the floor. Using a box or laundry basket, I will pick up all the loose shoes and anything else that is on the floor and take it out for sorting.

Then, I’ll separate the clothing, according to type (blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.), hanging all like items together. Short garments in the front, with longer items progressing towards the back. I also put like colors together.

During this process, I will also separate outdated, worn out, out grown garments and put them in a plastic bag for taking to a thrift donation station later.

When all the clothing is organized to my satisfaction, I will look for any items stored in my closet that doesn’t belong there – such as the coffee can coin collection and the Christmas ornaments. The coins go into the den for sorting later, and the ornaments go into a storage box in the garage.

The 80/20 Rule

The rule of thumb about clothing is called “80/20” which means that people wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time. So, theoretically, you can remove 80% of the clothes in your closet without missing anything.

If that sounds a little drastic, try it this way – pick out your least favorite articles of clothing. Put them into a box or plastic bag, and then place it in the garage. Let it sit there for two weeks.

At the end of two weeks, if you haven’t missed them, bite the bullet and take them to either a shelter or to a thrift donation station. Repeat every two weeks until you can see the walls of your closet.

Moths Be Gone

Beware of clothing moths – they are alive and well. It’s a good idea to hang a nice cedar repellant in your closet – you benefit two ways. It repels moths and has a nice clean fresh smell of its own.

Imelda Marcos – Eat Your Heart Out

We aren’t forgetting the box of Imelda Marcos’ shoes, mine are in good condition and can still be worn, but other shoes may not fare as well.

Examine each pair for wear. If they show signs of hard use, they are no longer good or healthy for your feet. Toss them. Look at the rest – athletic shoes that are a couple of years old may still be of use to needy people. Take them to a donation station.

Cleaning your closet is a little like thinning a vegetable garden. You know you are discarding something of value but it’s necessary to make room for better air circulation which helps preserve the life of your clothing.

Utilize Your Closet Space Wisely

Don’t waste closet space especially if it’s a smaller closet. While it’s not a good idea to stuff it to the brim, make use of space by being creative. You can hang a shoe rack from the back of the closet door and other hanging storage options from the rod.

If you need more shelf space and have a closet with a top shelf and a couple rows of space for hanging clothes, you can add a shelf above the lower rod.

Keep Up on Organizing

  • On a daily basis, it may take a few moments longer to hang garments where they belong but the result is worth it. It’s a good habit to get into, just a little extra care pays off. Keep the floor clean and uncluttered.
  • Keep shoes stored neatly, whether in a shoe bag, on a rack on the back of the door, or in their original boxes near the bottom of the closet, under short hanging garments.
  • Don’t succumb to the temptation of stuffing ornaments or other items back into the closet that don’t belong there. A place for everything and everything in its place. If it doesn’t belong in the closet – keep it out.
  • Keep your closet “thinned” so things are able to hang freely. If you purchase new clothing, remove something old. Don’t hang worn, stale-smelling clothing in the closet – perfume, cigarette or body odor will permeate the rest of your clothing.

I hope we’ve helped you with ideas to maximize your closet space. I know after cleaning mine, I can go shopping for a few pieces of new clothing!