Organizing Tips for Your Kids Room

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Tips for Organizing the Kids Bedroom.

How to Keep the Kids Bedroom Clean

There are many reasons for organizing rooms. For one we can find what we’re looking and where it is. And another is cleaning makes us feel better when walking into a room that’s fresh and tidy.

There are some rooms in the house that need more attention, more frequently; like the kids room. If you have kids then you know how quickly their room can get disorganized.

The following organizing and cleaning ideas will help you and your kids keep their rooms neat, clean, and organized. Come on, let’s see what we can do.

Under the Bed Storage Space

Once your kids are out of the cradle and into a bed, the toy supply only seems to grow. Make sure the bed you purchase also provides enough space for storage.

One way to keep the room clean and organized is to have easily accessible places where kids can keep their toys, art supplies, costumes, and games.

If the kids are younger and learning to clean their room, you can label each with large letters or pictures and they’ll have no problem knowing where the toys belong. This helps take some of the cleaning away from you.

When my kids were younger, we used clear storage containers that had wheels. It was easy for the kids to get them in and out from under the bed.

Closet Organizers

Some newer homes offer large closet spaces in almost every room. If you have a home with large closets in the kids room, purchase or make your own organizing unit. Have a place for hanging clothes, shelves, a place for pull out storage bins, decorative baskets, drawer space, hooks, etc.

A closet like this will definitely grow with your child and provide lots of storage options to keep any room clean. And storage space is a must when you have kids, so even if you have under the bed storage; you can still use more.

If your closet space is limited you can still create necessary storage as mentioned above just on a smaller scale.


You would think this is an obvious choice, but I can’t tell you how many rooms we go into and there’s no dresser. If there are shelves in the closet, they are quite often used in place of a dresser taking up valuable storage options.

If you do consider a dresser, think about one with a minimum of five or six drawers, more may be necessary depending on your needs.

Think of the future and get something that will grow with the kids. Dressers are also easy to paint, so as the kids grow and their likes change, so can the dresser colors.

To help keep the drawers organized and clean, take a look at drawer dividers. This will help the kids have an easier time of putting their clothes away in a tidy way. There are also a variety of dresser top organizers and trays for combs, brushes, pencils, crayons, etc.

Shelves and Night Stand

Keeping the kids room organized is something you’ll be battling until they are grown and/or gone. At least I have. By providing plenty of storage options, there is no excuse for a messy room.

Wall shelves and/or shelving units are a great place for books, extra blankets, school supplies, a TV, music, and more. When you purchase a night stand or something that will go next to the bed, get something that has a little drawer or maybe a couple of shelves.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Most of us have a weekly cleaning schedule, typically on a weekend. Have the kids clean their room on the same day so they can get your help if needed. On a daily basis, have them get into the habit of giving the room a quick clean sometime before bed.

Your welcome to take a look at our house cleaning checklists and find one that will work for the kids. We even have some blank lists ready for printing, all you have to do is add the chore.

Put it in a place where they will be able to see it and use it. Let your kids know just what a superstar they are for you helping out!