WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner Review

Review of WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner

The Whitewing Vapor Steam Cleaner is an attractively priced, portable unit, for medium sized jobs. It heats water to 285 degrees Fahrenheit for true vapor steam cleaning. This cleaner is great for anyone who suffers from allergies as it kills on contact, mold spores, dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and viruses, with just water vapor, no chemical cleaners are required.

The WhiteWing Steamer weighs approximately 14.5 lbs. There is a cart available for separate purchase to hold the steamer and attachments. The cart is $199, but it is designed to stay upright when the steamer is in use or in storage.

The steamer comes with a fingertip steam trigger that provides easy on/off release of steam.

The WhiteWing comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and is priced at $599. Some internet retailers offer an additional 12 month warranty, for an additional cost.

WhiteWing Steam Cleaner Features:

  • 2 liter boiler capacity
  • Aluminum boiler
  • 220 degree operating temperature (the boiler heats it to about 285 degrees, it is about 220 degrees at the tip of the nozzle)
  • Long lasting steam, lasts approximately 2 hours
  • Pressure controls and gauges
  • Multiple Accessories


With the two liter capacity of the boiler, you will have a long lasting supply of steam, approximately 2 hours worth. More than enough time to tackle your cleaning projects. The boiler itself is constructed of aluminum. It may not heat as fast as stainless steel, but it does not become pitted (which can eventually cause pinhole leaks), from mineral deposits that may be present in the water supply.

Pressure Controls and Gauges:

The WhiteWing Steam Cleaner has indicator lights; a green light for pressure ready, and an orange light indicator for low water. The pressure gauge indicates a low pressure zone in red, and optimum pressure zone in green.


The WhiteWing Steamer comes with numerous accessories to meet all your cleaning needs. It comes standard with 2 extension wands, a window tool kit, 2 different styles of vapor nozzles, and 10 different styles of brushes including a triangular brush, a rectangular brush, brass, and nylon brushes. It also comes with a tool for cleaning windows. One of the best features is the instructional DVD, which makes learning how to operate the WhiteWing Steamer very easy.

WhiteWing Steam Cleaner Recommendations:

The reviews on this machine were very positive. The consumers who purchased were all very satisfied, and thought it was a well built machine, that came with well built attachments. One customer said her tile floors never looked better!

Another customer compared this to an indoor pressure washer-said it was great in removing the scum under the sink, the gunk in the corners of the baseboards, and the dirt in window sills and jams.

The only negative comments on the unit were:

  • The extension wands and brushes can be difficult to remove, and you can pinch your hand if you aren’t careful.
  • The cord is short; it comes with a 13 foot cord. You probably need to purchase a heavy duty extension cord, for use with the WhiteWing Steamer.

It also takes a while to heat up. It takes about 10 -15 minutes to heat, and if you are impatient to get going on your cleaning, you do have to wait for the machine! The best advice here is to get the machine ready to go, plug it in, and then gather any other supplies that might be needed. (Since no other chemicals are necessary, towels may be the only other supply that you need.)