Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner Review

Review of Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner

In the 2200 series of Ladybug vapor steamers there are 2 models to choose from.

The upgrade of the 2200 has the TANCS system option.

The model 2200 is a vapor steam cleaner designed for use in homes with square footage of around 1200 square feet.

Like other versions of the Ladybug, these steamers use the power of steam to clean, no additional cleaning chemicals are needed.

The Ladybug 2200S is priced from $1249, and has a one year parts and labor warranty.

The stainless steel boiler is warranted for 3 years.

The upgraded 2200S with the TANCS system is priced from $1499.

It also has a one year parts and labor warranty, but the boiler is warranted for 8 years.

Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Continuous fill
  • Accessories
  • TANCS Option

Easy to Use:

The included DVD shows and explains how to use the Ladybug. You won’t have to try decipher a pictograph.

Fill the unit up with water, wait about 10 minutes for the boiler to heat, and voila, you are ready to go.

Steam level is controlled by a control at your fingertips.

Because this unit has a continuous fill feature, you’ll never be out of steam.


The Ladybug Vapor Steam cleaner can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, and removes dirt, mold, grease, etc from these surfaces.

This vapor steam cleaner sanitizes kitchens and bathrooms, removes mold and mildew from grout, and to clean and sanitize mattresses to kill bedbugs.

Not only can you safely clean floors and countertops, the Ladybug has even been used to blast weeds out from crevices in their sidewalks.

The Ladybug vapor steam cleaner uses very little water, so surfaces are dry almost instantly.

Continuous Fill:

Like other models the Ladybug makes, the 2200 has the continuous fill feature.

This means you don’t need to cool down the boiler before you add more water, as it has a separate non pressurized water reservoir that holds 1.4 liters of water.

The Ladybug 2200 also has a low water light and an audible signal that warns you when you are almost out of available water to convert to steam.

This model also has a pressure gauge, so you are able to monitor steam levels at a glance.


For easy maneuvering, the Ladybug 2200 is built with 4 swivel wheels and so you can easily reach above the floor or tough to reach areas, the 2200 comes with a 6.7 foot steam hose.

To make your cleaning as easy as possible, the 2200 comes with a variety of attachments, such as:

  • Funnel
  • 6 cotton towels
  • Crevice scraper tool
  • Boiler drain tool
  • Nylon brushes for tile and grout
  • 2 extension wands
  • Large rectangular brush
  • Window cleaning tool
  • Large triangular brush
  • Steam nozzle
  • Instructional DVD

TANCS Option:

The available TANCS option adds a few hundred dollars to the price, but may be well worth it if you can afford it.

With TANCS, which stands for Thermal Activated Nano Crystal Sanitation system, you’ll get an EPA certified disinfecting system.

The 2200 with TANCS is certified to disinfect without the use of any additional chemicals.

Adding this option also extends the warranty period on the boiler to 8 years.

TANCS prevents scale buildup in the boiler which extends the life of the boiler.

TANCS also reduces water usage, and shortens drying time.

Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner Recommendations:

This model is recommended. If your budget allows for it, purchase the model with TANCS.

You’ll have the peace of mind of the additional warranty period, and the unit will require less maintenance since there is less scale build-up.


Has a pressure gauge for monitoring steam levels.

No soapy residue is left behind which can attract more dirt.

The user does not need sponges, mops, buckets, or cleaning solutions.

Since you are not using any chemical cleaners, you don’t have to worry about damaging your skin by exposing it to harsh chemicals.


The price tag. Ladybugs are expensive, but because they are built out of premium materials such as stainless steel boilers, they are built to last.

The Ladybug uses electricity to generate steam, and it does use electricity.

You’ll probably notice an increase in your utility bill.

This model does not have onboard tool storage.

You may find it more convenient to purchase a separate caddy to keep the attachments in so they are handy when you need them.