Lindhaus Dry Carpet Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus Dry Carpet Cleaning System

The DCS or Dry Cleaning System is a system designed to clean rug and carpet without using water or steam.

This system is available as a stand-alone product; the Lindhaus DCS 38, or comes built in with other vacuum models manufactured by Lindhaus.

These are all vacuums that can be quickly converted to the DCS.

  • The Diamante
  • Dynamic
  • Healthcare Pro
  • Valzner New Age

The stand-alone nozzle resembles a power nozzle attachment for a canister vacuum. It’s available for about $370.

Lindhaus Dry Carpet Cleaning System Features:

  • Dry Clean
  • Ready for Immediate Use
  • No Residue
  • Lightweight

Dry Clean:

The DCS provides cleaning and sanitizing carpet or rug using dry cleaning chemicals only.

These chemicals are available for separate purchase from Lindhaus.

Using the nozzle, the compound is scrubbed in penetrating fibers, and reducing bacteria and dust mites.

Since it is a dry clean, there is less mess, and less risk of damaging delicate carpet fibers.

Ready for Immediate Use:

For the times when you are having unexpected company and need to spruce your carpets up in a hurry, the DCS comes in handy.

No need to wait for hours or days for your carpet to dry before you can walk on it, with the DSC you have no down time, and your carpets can be used as soon as you are done cleaning.

No Soapy Residue:

Some carpet cleaning compounds leave a soapy residue, which then attracts more dirt.

With the Lindhaus DCS system, there is no residue left behind, dirt is removed by vacuuming.

The ingredients in the DCS emulsify grease and oils allowing them to be removed by vacuum cleaning.


Compared to conventional steam cleaners, the DCS offers a lightweight alternative.

It can be up to 80 percent less in weight that other cleaners, and is compact and easy to store.

It comes with a 35 foot long cord, so you can clean large areas at a time if need be.

Lindhaus Dry Carpet Cleaning System Recommendations:


If you are looking for an alternative to traditional home extraction carpet cleaning this may be the piece of equipment you are looking for.

It’s a fast, convenient way to keep your carpets in top shape, and keep allergen levels down in your home.

The method for cleaning is simple.

  • Spray with the activator over areas that you are going to clean.
  • Then sprinkle with the Pure Power organic sponges.
  • Scrub with the DCS nozzle, (or with your Lindhaus vacuum set in the dry cleaning mode), and then vacuum.
  • Then enjoy your clean, fresh smelling carpet or rug!

You can freshen up your carpets with this system with just a few extra minutes as opposed to the time it would take to use a home steam cleaner.

In the time it takes to set up a steam cleaner for use, you could almost be completely done when using the DCS system.


The drawback to this system is it is expensive and the stand alone nozzle has one use only.

The chemicals are available for purchase online. The dry clean compound comes in a 15 pound pail for about $50, and each pound of product cleans approximately 50 square feet.

At a minimum, you’ll also need the spray activator, plus there are other specialty chemicals available.

You’ll need storage space for the nozzle, and then for whatever chemicals you choose to purchase.