Ladybug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner Review

Review of Ladybug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

The Ladybug 2150 dry steam cleaner is a basic version of the Ladybug line of steam cleaners.

This is a highly rated steam cleaner built to last with features including a stainless steel boiler, and a continuous fill feature.

It is priced from about $1049, and comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The stainless steel boiler is warranted for 3 years.

This dry steam cleaner weighs about 15 pounds without water.

It holds approximately 3.3 quarts of water, and for easy maneuverability, the Ladybug is on wheels.

Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner Features:

  • Dual Tank Capacity
  • Continuous Refill
  • No Cleaning Chemicals Required
  • Accessories

Dual Tank Capacity:

The Ladybug dry steam cleaner comes with dual tanks.

The boiler tank holds 1.8 quarts of water, and the refillable reservoir tank holds an additional 1.5 quarts of water.

Continuous Refill:

Any vapor steam cleaner that has a continuous refill system has a huge advantage of steam cleaners that don’t have this system.

With the Ladybug 2150, the steamer takes approximately 10 minutes to heat up, and after that initial 10 minutes, you can steam for as long as you want thanks to the continuous refill system and with the dual tank, there is no need to wait for the steamer to cool down prior to refilling.

The 2150 also has a low water light with an audible signal; you’ll be able to hear when you need to refill the tank.

No Cleaning Chemicals Required:

You’ll never run out of your favorite cleaning product – that’s because your new favorite cleaning product is going to be plain ordinary water.

The vapor steam produced by the Ladybug cleans, disinfects, and deodorized without any additional chemicals.

Bacteria, mold, and other allergens are no match.


One of the best accessories included with the Ladybug vapor steam cleaners is the instructional DVD.

The DVD not only shows you how to operate the steam cleaner, but how to get the most out of your investment.

Other accessories are included to make your cleaning as easy as possible and help you get in those hard to reach places.

These attachments include:

  • Flexible hose
  • 2 extension wands
  • Brushes of various sizes and shapes
  • Window cleaning tool with 2 blades
  • Crevice scraper tool
  • Steam nozzle
  • Boiler drain tool
  • Funnel to easily fill the machine with water

Ladybug Dry Steam Cleaner Recommendations:

The Ladybug 2150 is an entry level steamer with enough bells and whistles to get the job done. Unfortunately the accessories are not stored on board which can be a inconvenience, and there is no pressure gauge- which is a deal breaker for me.

I do not recommend this model just for that point. Considering the high cost of buying the vapor cleaner to start with, spend the couple extra bucks and spring for one that has a pressure gauge.


Value priced with a long warranty period.

Heats up, and is ready for use in about 10 minutes.

The Ladybug is effective on all sorts of surfaces.


The accessories are not stored “on board”. You might want to purchase some sort of tool caddy to carry with you to store the accessories so they are within easy reach when you need to use them.

This model does not have a pressure gauge.