KleenJet Ultra 10110c Steam Cleaner Review

Review of KleenJet Ultra Steam Cleaner

The Ultra 10110C steam cleaner is manufactured for industrial cleaning purposes. These steam cleaners are used primarily for cleaning floors; wood, tile and grout included.

The Kleen Jet 10110C uses vapor steam and pressure to not only clean floors, but to also destroy allergens thus making your environment healthier. These cleaners are ideal for homes, offices, schools and other business. Spot cleaning carpet is also possible with this steam cleaner.

The Ultra 10110 is warranted for 1 year on parts, and has a lifetime boiler warranty. The 10110C has a MSRP of $20360.00, and at the time of this article had a promotional price from the manufacturer of $13620.00.

KleenJet Ultra 10110C Features:

  • Power
  • Temperature and Pressure
  • Water Capacity
  • Detergent Capacity


The Ultra 10110 has a huge 11000 watts to blast away dirt, grime and scum. It provides up to 7 times more steam production than 1600 watt models.

Temperature and Pressure:

The Kleen Jet 10110C provided steam with temperatures up to 386 degrees Farenheit, and provides pressure up to 150psi.

Water Capacity:

The system has the capacity to hold 20 liters of water. It also as the ability to have a direct water line, meaning the operator will not have to stop cleaning to refill with water. The direct feed means you’ll never run out of water to convert to steam for cleaning.

Detergent Capacity:

For times when the steam cleaner needs a little additional boost of cleaning power, the Kleen Jet Ultra comes with a detergent chamber that has a 20 liter capacity.

KleenJet Ultra 10110C Recommendations:


Daimer has manufactured this model with portability and maneuverability in mind. It does come with 50 feet of hose, but to make this unit as flexible as possible; it is built on wheels, so you can move it as necessary.

The 10110C is expensive, but it is built out of stainless steel, and has a good warranty. It also has the removable heating rod in the boiler, which means if the heating element burns out, it can be easily replaced. With some steam cleaners when the element fails, the boiler must be replaced, which is expensive.


The Kleen Jet 10110C is heavy. It weighs in at 242 pounds; and with the addition of water and detergent, it’s going to weigh over 300 pounds. Even at the 242 pounds, it not a unit that you could pick up and load, the operator would probably need a ramp and a vehicle capable of accommodating a ramp in order to transport the steam cleaner to a job site.

This model does not have extraction capacity; it is a steam cleaner only. This means any residual water left over after the cleaning process is complete, will have to manually be cleaned up.