KleenJet Ultra Series Steam Cleaner Review

Review of KleenJet Ultra Steam Cleaner

Manufactured for commercial or industrial use, the 5000CV series is a powerful steam cleaner and wet/dry vacuum. The 5000CVG adds gum removal capability, and the 5000CVGP adds Daimer’s anti-bacterial technology. The body on all models in this series are built out of stainless steel, and like all other steam cleaners manufactured by Daimer, the boiler is built out of stainless steel.

All models in this series come with a 1 year comprehensive parts and labor warranty, a three year parts warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

The 5000CV is priced from $4489.00, and 5000CVG is $4964.00, and the 5000CVGP is priced from $5099.00.

KleenJet Ultra 5000C Features:

  • Continuous Refill, direct water feed system
  • Wet/dry vacuum
  • Removable heating element
  • Stainless steel cart
  • Gum Removal Technology (5000CVG and 5000CVGP models)
  • Anti-bacterial Technology (5000CVGP model only)

Continuous Refill, Direct Water Feed System:

The 5000 series has the capability of having a direct feed water system by hooking up to a water hose. This means water is continuously available for conversion to steam for cleaning. The boiler continuously refills as necessary.

In the 5000 series, the boiler is capable of producing steam of up to 329 degrees Farenheit, and can produce pressure of up to 120 psi.

Wet/Dry Vacuum:

Other makes of steam cleaners use steam, and then a towel to wipe up any residual water left behind from the steam cleaning process. The 5000CV, 5000CVG, and 5000CVGP, all are also wet/dry vacuums in addition to steam cleaners. This means you have extraction capability to suck up any residual water, and cuts down on the use (if any), of towels.

You can use the dry vacuum to vacuum up debris; allergens etc before you start steaming. All of the 5000 series models have HEPA filtration, and purify the air as well, when they are used.

Removable Heating Element:

Daimer manufactures its steam cleaners with removable heating elements. If the element actually burns out, it is easily replaced, much like replacing a stove element. With some brands of steam cleaners if the heating element needs replacing, the whole boiler must be replaced.

Stainless Steel Cart:

Free with the 5000 series models is a stainless steel cart. Not only does this make the steam cleaner portable, it also assists in maneuverability, and provides on board storage for accessory attachments, extra detergents and the like.

Gum Removal Technology:

Available on the 5000CVP, and the 5000CVGP, is Daimer’s gum removal technology. Use the squeegee, the stainless steel brush, and the chewing gum removal solution to power away thousands of pieces of residual, stuck-on chewing gum.

Anti-Bacterial Technology:

This technology is available on the 5000CVGP. Daimer uses a procedure called Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization which produces a kill rate of 99.999 percent against such bacteria as MRSA. This technology also sanitizes surfaces, and kills 99.9 percent of bacteria including E. Coli, S. Aureus, and other molds and pathogens. This anti-bacterial technology is registered with the EPA.

KleenJet Ultra 5000C Recommendations:


Business owners who have used one the 5000 series models wrote in to say that the steam cleaners were excellent on tile and grout, and produced results that their clients were very happy with. The machines look professional, and produce professional results.

Business owners also say the steam cleaners are also easy to set up, and easy to use.

These steam cleaners also feature self cleaning boilers, so maintenance is very easy for operators.


Other than the price, I can’t think of a one.