KleenJet Mega VP Steam Cleaner Review

Review of KleenJet Mega Steam Cleaner

The KleenJet Mega 500VP is a portable, anti-bacterial steam cleaner designed for commercial use. The difference between the Mega 500V and the Mega 500VP is that the VP has ATIS anti-bacterial technology.

The Mega 500VP weighs about 28 lbs, and sells for about $2297.00.

Daimer Industries warranties the Mega 500VP for 1 year on parts/labor and 3 years on parts. The stainless steel boiler has a lifetime warranty.

KleenJet 500VP Features:

  • ATIS Technology
  • Filtration system
  • Boiler specifications
  • Temperature/pressure

ATIS Technology:

ATIS stands for Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization. In lab tests, ATIS killed more than 99% of harmful bacteria, including staph, salmonella and E.coli.

Filtration System:

The double filtration system found on the Mega 500VP (HEPA and water filtration), means many common allergens are removed including bed bugs, animal dander, dust mites from surfaces such as carpets, mattresses, and hard floors.

Boiler Specifications:

The boiler on the Mega 500VP is made from virtually indestructible stainless steel. Stainless steel resists pitting that may occur from hard water and may cause leaks in other inferior materials. The boiler itself is self cleaning and to keep the steamer performing at an optimum level, the boiler just needs regular flushing. As with other steam cleaners manufactured by Daimer, this model has the removable rod heating element. If the element burns out it can easily be replaced avoiding costly boiler repair/replacement.

The boiler volume is 4 liters and this is the equivalent to about 4 hours worth of operating time. The boiler takes about 15 minutes to heat up to temperature.


The Mega 500VP produces steam with temperatures up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit has a variable pressure control dial for controlling the pressure of the steam. The maximum pressure produced is 75 psi.

KleenJet 500VP Recommendation:

This steam cleaner is manufactured primarily for commercial use, and for clients who need an antibacterial steamer; this is the most inexpensive in Daimer’s line.

The Mega 500VP has multiple functions. It is actually a vapor steamer, HEPA vacuum, and a wet/dry vacuum all bundled together. Because it has vacuum capabilities, it can extract some of the residual moisture that may be left over after steam cleaning, reducing the need for towels.

With other steam mops, you’d have to drag out either a broom or an additional vacuum cleaner to first get rid of the debris on the surface. With the Mega 500VP, you’d be able to vacuum up the area first and then steam mop. One of the attachments available is an oversized floor brush and microfiber towels.

No additional chemical cleaners are needed, you can clean and sanitize with steam alone. Harmful bacteria, molds, and other allergens are destroyed leaving a healthier environment behind. The Mega 500 VP is particularly useful for people who suffer from diseases aggravated by allergens and mold, such as asthma, COPD, allergies, and other respiratory ailments.