KleenJet Mega CVG Steam Cleaner Review

Review of KleenJet Mega 1000 CVG

This is another portable steam cleaner manufactured by Daimer Industries. This model is similar to the KleenJet Mega 1000CV, but the Mega 1000CVG has the additional feature of chewing gum removal, not just dispersion.

The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG is designed for commercial use, but could also be used for residential use.

Priced from $3468.00, the KleenJet Mega comes with Daimer’s standard warranty-1 year parts and labor, a total of 3 years on parts, and a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

KleenJet 1000 CVG Features:

  • Cart
  • Gum Exterminator
  • Boiler Capacity
  • Vacuum


Classified as a portable machine, the Mega 1000CVG is probably too heavy and awkward for the average person to actually carry. It weighs approximately 56 pounds empty. Fill it up with water, and that adds about another 30 lbs of weight. To solve this problem, Daimer Industries provides a free cart with the Mega 1000CVG. The steam cleaner fits securely in the cart, and the cart has 4 wheels, (2 smaller in the front, and 2 larger wheels in the back) to make transport even if full of water, easy. The cart also features 2 wire baskets to carry additional accessories or cleaning products.

Gum Exterminator:

The main difference between this model and the Mega 1000CV is the 1000CVG has chewing gum removal ability. The Mega 1000CVG comes with a gum removal steam vac squeegee with brush attachment. It also includes 6 long life, heavy duty stainless steel brushes, and 4 gallons of concentrated gum removal solution. Discarded gum doesn’t stand a chance!

Boiler Capacity:

Like the Mega CV, the CVG has a 4 liter boiler volume. Also like the Mega CV, it has a continuous use feature; you won’t have any down time with this machine, while you are waiting for steam to be produced. It has a separate non pressurized compartment for water, with automatic refill and pump to the boiler. Some steamers have down time while you wait for the boiler to cool so you can refill it, then refill, and then wait for the unit to reheat. With the Mega 1000CVG, you have the initial heating time of about 15 minutes and that is it!

The boiler is designed to be low maintenance as well. You can use any kind of water, unlike other steamers that require distilled water. Calcium deposits can be removed from the steam cleaner just by unscrewing the valve the bottom of the cleaner.


The KleenJet Mega 1000CVG has the ability to act as a steam cleaner or as a wet/dry vacuum. It has HEPA filtration (to 3 microns), and water filtration to win the war on allergen removal. The vacuum suction has 2200mm of water column lift.

KleenJet 1000 CVG Recommendations:

This is a versatile machine. It can operate as a steamer, wet or dry vacuum, and can also blast gum away!

One reviewer wrote in to say that he loved the Mega 1000CVG because it was reliable, easy to use, and removed gum in seconds.

Reviewers also love this steamer because it can be used without the addition of harsh chemicals.

These steam cleaners are for use any where discarded gum is found! The Mega 1000CVG is great for use around schools, malls, medical centers, roads, walkways, and any high traffic areas. Reviewers claim it is much less expensive than comparable gum removers and does a faster, better job at removing gum.