Haan Vapor Steam Cleaner Review

Review of Haan Multi-Purpose Vapor Steam Cleaner

The MS-30 is a vapor steam cleaner manufactured for home use. It heats steam to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect and kill germs, bacteria, molds etc, and clean steam clean many areas of the home. No need to lug around heavy mop buckets or totes full of different cleaning products. The Haan MS-30 uses water that is converted to vapor steam for cleaning power. The Haan MS-30 is ready to begin steam cleaning after about 3 – 8 minutes of being plugged in.

Priced from $173.33, the MS-30 comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The Haan MS30 comes with at 20 foot cord, and weighs about 17lbs.

Haan MS30 Vapor Steam Cleaner Features:

  • Ready to use quickly
  • Internal boiler temperature
  • Ultra-microfiber pads
  • Uses water, no other chemicals required
  • On board storage

Ready to use Fast:

This vapor steam cleaner heats up fast and is ready to use in about 3 – 8 minutes after plugging the unit in. Depending on how much water is in the boiler depends on how fast the unit heats. If you are in a hurry, and just doing a small area you can use a minimum amount of water and be ready to clean in about 3 minutes. The Haan MS-30 has an indicator light that turns off when the machine is ready to use.

Internal Boiler Temperature:

The MS-30 reaches temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This produces steam hot enough to destroy 99.99% of bacteria, germs and dust. Floors and bathrooms are clean and sanitized.

Ultra-Microfiber Pads:

The Haan uses ultra-microfiber cleaning pads with its cleaner. Ultra-microfiber is a fiber than is thinner than microfiber. Ultra-microfiber pads are completely washable and reusable. (Air dry the microfiber – using a dryer is not recommended by the manufacturer.)

Uses Plain Water:

Like other steam cleaners, the Haan MS-30, uses plain water converted to steam for cleaning. There is no need for additional chemicals. This saves on recycling, garbage and the expense of buying numerous different cleaning products for different purposes.

On Board Storage:

A nice feature of this vapor steamer is the on board storage capacity for accessories. The Haan MS-30 comes with a variety of attachments, including nozzles, brushes, extension wands, a sponge, water funnel, and measuring cup. There is built in on board storage for all these accessories. If you have your vapor steamer, you’ll have all necessary attachments to do a thorough cleaning job.

Haan MS30 Vapor Steam Cleaner Recommendations:

There are mixed reviews for the Haan MS-30 vapor cleaner. It seemed like reviewers either loved it, or thought it was just an ok product.

One of the major complaints is that although it heats up fast, it also needs to reheat often. After every few minutes of cleaning, the indicator light comes on, and you must wait for the unit to reheat and reproduce steam before you can continue cleaning. The boiler also only holds a maximum of 20 ounces of water, which lasts for about 30 minutes of operating time. This also means your cleaning time is interrupted to stop and refill the boiler.

On the positive side, the Haan MS-30 comes with many attachments to tackle all your cleaning projects. Reviewers said it was easy to use, quiet, effective and reliable. One reviewer wrote that she was amazed at how clean her floors were after using the MS-30. She has a lot of foot and dog traffic, but she was completely impressed with the cleaning ability of the Haan.

The only other comment is the manufacturer recommends using either distilled or de-mineralized water in the unit. If mineral build occurs it could cause a failure in steam output. If you use tap water, you might need to clean the unit monthly with vinegar and water to prevent mineral build up.