Efficient House Cleaning Tips

Efficient House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is a chore.

Follow these tips to reduce the time it takes to completely clean your home without cutting corners or missing any dust bunnies.

These house cleaning tips are from the maids at Mrs Clean to make your house cleaning quicker, more effective and more efficient.

Make Every Move Count

Keep this in mind when you clean. Clean from the top to the bottom, from the back to the front, from the right to the left.

Clean one area at a time and work your way completely around the room, cleaning it up as you go. Put your cleaning supplies in a bucket, tote or basket and take it with you so don’t have to stop to find something you need.

Concentrate When Cleaning

House cleaning is a chore, no one really enjoys it. (It’s the results that we like!) If you’re distracted when doing the job, you’ll just spend more time having to work! Put on some music, focus on the job at hand, making every move count, and you’ll finish the job quickly.

Check Your Cleaning Supplies

There is nothing worse than not having enough cleaner and not being able to finish the job properly.

Check your cleaning supplies first and make sure you have enough before you get started.

If you are out of a particular cleaning product pick an alternate task that you can complete properly.

Carry Your Cleaning Supplies

Professional house cleaners carry their supplies with them and you should too.

You won’t have to stop and find each cleaning supply you need, and you’ll work faster with every product or supply at your finger tips.

We use a tote/cleaning bucket that contains all our supplies and we carry it from room to room. It contains all our cleaning supplies such as disinfectant, scrub brush, de-greaser, comet, soft scrub, scrubbers, garbage bags, duster, etc.

Dust First, Vacuum Last

Dust first, from the top to the bottom. You want the dust up high to fall to the floor so you can vacuum it away.

Use Portable House Cleaning Tools

Use a small whisk broom and canister vacuum to quickly clean up small spills. Use a canister vacuum to keep things neat and to clean up pet hair, lint or pick up dirt that would get spread around the house if not removed up quickly.

Clean Your House As A Team

Get someone to help you. This makes the job more fun. Turn up the music and make a game of it. The job will get done more quickly, and this is definitely a case of “the more, the merrier”.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

We have busy lives; kids, work full time, go shopping, make dinner, etc.

We don’t have time and energy to dedicate to cleaning. So we need to schedule and make plans so we can clean when we have time.

Maybe you manage your schedule with a planning calendar, so it should be fairly simple to add cleaning to your schedule as well.

Split up the cleaning tasks and put them on a schedule on different days of the week. For instance, clean the bath rooms on Sunday, clean the kitchen on Wednesday, etc.

A plan will help procrastinators and prevent burn out because you won’t feel like you need to clean the whole house at once.

Hire A House Cleaning Service

It makes sense to get some help with such an unending chore. House cleaning services will clean your home thoroughly and completely (Deep cleaning). Then the upkeep is much easier if you would like to take over from there.

Better yet, you can sign up for ongoing house cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly frequency. Spend the time you save enjoying your family. Mrs. Clean will be glad to help you!