Tips for Cleaning Your House

Tips for Cleaning your House

Having a fresh, clean house makes everything seem better. If your house could use a good cleaning, you’ll find a bright and clean home can make all the difference in your mood and motivation. But how to get there?

Follow these easy house cleaning tips from Mrs. Clean to get you on track to a sparkling clean home.

Have the Right Tools on Hand:

When it comes to the right tools for cleaning house, there seem to be two extremes: those who buy every gadget, gizmo and one-use tool out there, and those who work with mops and rags that have seen better days. It doesn’t take a ton of tools or cleaners to get the job done, here’s a list of the basic cleaning supplies you might need.

  • Bucket or tote (to carry supplies)
  • Broom
  • Microfiber mop and Sh-mop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Duster, rags, microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning products

You’ve Got Two Hands – Use Them:

Are you ambidextrous? I’m not, but using 2 hands is the secret to speed cleaning. It’s easier than you think to use both hands to get the job done, this is how professional house cleaners do it and you can too.

  • Spray with one hand – Wipe with the other
  • Wiping down a countertop – use both hands to clean and dry
  • Use both hands where you can to make things go faster

Make it a Group Effort:

If you’re living with other people, you should be cleaning with other people. There are actually two incentives to getting the whole household involved. First of all, it will obviously take much less time if you have some help on your side.

Second, if you get the others involved in the cleaning process, they’ll be much more likely to respect the result and help keep it clean for longer. No trading the cooking for the cleaning either, you’re working as a group.

One Room at a Time:

It might be tempting to do all the windows at once or all the floors at once, but your best bet is to have all your cleaning supplies and take it a room at a time. Clean from top to bottom first then work from the back of the room and out the door.

Get Motivated and Stay That Way:

There are several ways you can motivate yourself and others to clean and help you stay in the cleaning mode.

  • Make it as fun as you can. Get your iPod out and play some energizing music or listen to that book on tape you’ve been meaning to read. Blast your favorite movie while cleaning the living room. Whatever gets you excited, take advantage of it while cleaning – just don’t let it distract you.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. If you get used to a thorough cleaning once a month, before long you won’t think twice about it.
  • Reward yourself. A serious cleaning day can be hard work. You deserve a reward when you’re through. Get your favorite food delivered and enjoy a night with a good movie, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes – whatever makes you feel pampered and appreciated, do it for yourself after cleaning. It’ll create a positive association with cleaning – and you’ll get something great out of it as well.

Types of Cleaning Products:

All Purpose Cleaner:

These types of cleaners can be purchased at virtually any store and will either come in liquid or powder forms. They are designed to be used on most surfaces from bathroom counters and toilets, to kitchen appliances. All purpose cleaners are a handy product to have on hand for quick cleaning but keep in mind they may not be as effective as a product targeted for a specific area.

Glass Cleaner:

For cleaning for windows, tabletops, knick-knacks.

Floor Cleaner:

A liquid cleaner that is used specifically on linoleum or hard wood, tile flooring. Know what type of floor you have and get the right cleaner and read the instructions on the package.


A de-greaser is used to remove grease from surfaces. They are usually combined with detergents and can be used on some indoor surfaces, out in the garage, and some outdoor surfaces.


Detergents come in powdered form or liquid form and are most often used for washing dishes and doing the laundry.

Furniture Polish:

These products are designed to be used on wooden furniture. They can be rubbed into the surface to make it clean and shiny. Some of them can also help prevent dust from settling on the surface after cleaning.

Oxygen Bleach/Oxy Cleaners:

The active ingredient is essentially the same as hydrogen peroxide. Oxy cleaners are like chemical bleach, but doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals and is softer on surfaces and fabrics.

Natural Cleaners:

Natural Cleaning products are safer for you and your family and are made with natural compounds instead of chemicals. Some examples of natural cleaners are: lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar.