Wipe and Clean Windows

How to Wipe and Clean Windows

Keeping the windows clean is such an unpopular task that even those who make their living by cleaning often say “I don’t do windows.” But this chore doesn’t have to be unpleasant or difficult.

Cleaning Frequency:

Happily, when it comes cleaning windows, two times a year is sufficient. That being said, you will need to set aside a chunk of time in order to properly clean the windows. Below are some tips for getting the job done right.

Removing Excess Dust and Dirt:

Use a clean dry cloth to wipe away any excess dust and dirt from the frames and the glass. This will make the rest of the cleaning process easier, and will also help to avoid scratching the glass.

Window Cleaning Tools:

Some clean their windows using old balled up newspaper. While this method of cleaning can provide a streak-free shine, and some people swear by it, it is not the best idea.

There’s a couple reasons why I like to avoid it: Some paper has minerals such as silica and calcium carbonate in it. Now I admit, that it’s usually higher quality paper and not newsprint, but if you start cleaning your windows with paper that has minerals in it, you’re going to scratch it.

Reason number 2 is the ink on the newspaper. The ink can be water based or it can be oil based with mineral oil. Either way you are adding a chemical to the cleaning solution that just doesn’t need to be there.

Be good to the environment and recycle your newspaper. I recommend that you wipe and clean the windows just with the squeegee and a lint free microfiber cloth if you have them handy.

Another reason that using newspaper is not the most effective cleaning method is that you will be, essentially, pushing the dirt around on the glass rather than removing (absorbing) the dirt and grime.

The best way to effectively remove dirt from the windows is by using a squeegee to wipe the glass clean. Squeegees are available in many sizes. Find one that best fits your windows and that will allow you to wipe and clean in as few strokes as possible.

Cleaning Solution:

Now that you are armed with a properly sized squeegee, you will need to select a cleaner. Many turn to glass cleaner, and while that makes sense for light cleaning, many glass cleaners are not strong enough to remove the dirt that has accumulated over several months.

Keep in mind that using glass cleaner once a week will make your semi-annual window cleanings much easier.

For tougher dirt, use a bit of dish detergent mixed with warm water. You should also have a bucket of clean warm water to wipe the windows a second time to remove any soapy residue and guarantee a streak free shine.

Window Cleaning Process:

  • First, dip the squeegee into the soapy water and make a pass across the window.
  • Follow it with a squeegee that has been dipped into the plain water.
  • The amount of pressure that you will need to apply depends on the amount of dirt on the windows.
  • After wiping the windows with the squeegees, wipe with a dry, lint free cloth to remove excess moisture.

With the right tools, the time to wipe and clean your windows will not bring on that feeling of dread and your whole house will look a bit brighter through your perfectly cleaned windows.