Cleaning Windows with Plain White Vinegar

Woman Washing Windows with Vinegar.

How to Clean Windows with White Vinegar.

How to Clean Windows with Plain White Vinegar

I absolutely love those window cleaning commercials that show people walking into glass doors because the cleaner that was used on them was so thorough they couldn’t even tell that the door was closed.

If you’ve spent a small fortune trying every commercial window cleaner on the market and you’re still not satisfied, don’t give up. Try using a toxic chemical free way to clean windows using a natural cleaner that works just as well (if not better) than other harsh and more expensive window cleaners do.

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. It is economical. It contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives and it’s not harmful to you or the environment. It leaves no residue, so it dries “cleanly.” This means you do not have the rinse the window with water after washing.

After reading this you’ll want to get busy cleaning your windows right away. Say goodbye to those dirty, streaky windows forever, and let’s get busy cleaning them!

Heavy Duty Window Cleaning

If your windows have heavy duty grime and build-up, try this cleaning solution to tackle it. The detergent gets rid of greasy, waxy build-up and the vinegar helps to dissolve mineral deposits.

In a spray bottle mix the following ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1/2 tsp. dish detergent

Stir gently to mix together, don’t shake.

The dish detergent will help wash away the waxy build-up, leaving a streak-free shine. It may take a few washings, but eventually, just vinegar and water will be all you need to get those windows crystal clear – and streak free!

Dishwashing detergent leaves a residue, so don’t go overboard and add too much to your cleaning solution. If you see any streaking due to excess detergent you can rinse with clean water to finish and buff dry with a microfiber cloth.

Regular Window Cleaning

After you’ve removed any heavy duty build-up from the windows, all you need now is a little white vinegar mixed with water.

  • Use a 2:1 ratio of water to vinegar.
  • Pour in a spray bottle and you’re on your way to streak free windows.

Try to keep the window cleaner on the glass. Over time if the rubber or silicon sealant gets too much vinegar on them that has not dried off, it can dry them out possibly causing them to crack.

Cleaning the Oven Window with Vinegar

If you have grease splattered on the oven door window, use white vinegar full strength to clean it away.

Wait until the oven has cooled. With the door open spray the window with vinegar. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes (leave the door open), then wipe off.

If necessary, use a plastic scrubby to remove hard stuck on foods.

Expert Window Cleaning Tips

Follow these expert tips to make sure all of your glass surfaces are easily cleaned and streak free:

If it’s a sunny day, don’t wash the windows in full sun because they will dry faster than you can dry them yourself and cause streaking. No point in washing the windows twice; wait until it cools down and the sun isn’t beating down on them.

  • Always work from the top down to cut down on streaking.
  • A squeegee is preferable, but you can use newspaper, brown packing paper, or towels if needed to remove the cleaning solution.
  • Do not use sharp or abrasive Brillo pad or abrasive cleaners on your windows.

Cleaning your windows with vinegar is a safe and inexpensive way to give all of your glass surfaces the clear shine you are after. Forget spending $5 or $6 for a bottle of glass cleaner. There’s no need. A $1 bottle of vinegar will last several months – plus it works great.