How to Clean Pergo Flooring

How to Clean Pergo Flooring

Are your floors dull or streaky looking?

Once you learn how to clean Pergo flooring, you may better understand why your floors do not look as beautiful as they did when you first installed them.

Because of the design of this laminated flooring product, it is fairly easy to run into difficulties with its look and function if the floor has not been cleaned properly.

You’ve most likely used a soap or detergent to clean them. Are you floors damaged? This may mean that you removed the protecting coating on the floors.

Cleaning Pergo Floors the Right Way:

There are several styles of flooring available by Pergo, but most of this company’s products are laminates.

Laminate flooring is not like traditional hardwood in its overall composition, nor in the way you care for it. However, Pergo can be much easier to handle than having to stain, sand and re-stain your hardwood.

The following are a few tips to help you to clean Pergo flooring the right manner.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions for the specific type of Pergo flooring you have. There are some differences.
  • In most cases, a dust mop or a broom is all you need to remove dust and debris. You can use a vacuum over these floors, too.
  • Avoid using any type of soap or detergent on the floor. Never use a product that contains a wax in it. These products will dull the floor.
  • The company recommends using their specific stain remover to remove hard to deal with stains, such as markers, nail polish or others.
  • You can also mix one cup of vinegar to one gallon of water and use that cleanse the area where the stain is. It is important to only apply the treatment to the affected area.
  • Avoid cleaning these floors with a jet mop or a wet mop. You should never sand them, polish them or wax them either.

It is also a good idea to have a bit of putty on hand. In some instances, such as when the flooring chips or when there are dents, you can cover them up with a putty product. You can find color coordinated products from Pergo itself or check with local home improvement centers.

Need More Help:

Sometimes, these how to clean Pergo flooring tips just will not work for your particular need. You have a bigger problem. You know you can’t put a rug over it for too long, either. In situations where there are problems with the flooring boards, such as it has been wet too much or in situations where the laminate has bowed, it becomes necessary to replace the board. Usually you do not have to replace the whole floor.

Learn how to clean Pergo flooring before you make a mistake. It is quite common for minor problems with the flooring to lead to big problems if you use the wrong methods to clean the floor, especially if you do this frequently. It can damage it easily.