Clean Drywall Compound Off Carpet

Cleaning Drywall from Carpet.

Tips for Cleaning Drywall from Carpets.

How to Clean Drywall Compound from Carpet

I couldn’t wait to see my new living room. I opened the door, anxious to see the job all finished, and couldn’t believe my eyes: the construction workers had tracked drywall compound throughout the entire lower level.

My rugs were a mess. Sure, the walls and new opening looked great, but all I could see were white mud marks all over my floors!

Thankfully, our contractor sent in some professionals to clean up his worker’s mess and even offered to cut a few hundred dollars off our remodeling bill to make amends.

As the cleaners got to work I took notes. After all, who knows when we’ll find ourselves in this same mess again? While watching them remove the drywall compound, I learned a few tips I’d like to share with all of you do-it-yourselfers out there.

For future reference, whatever it is that is laid down to cover carpets, if it is not large enough for the space, be sure it is either overlapping or tapped to avoid a mess. And. Not just the carpet but from the point of entry to the room where work is being done.

Workers can slop and step on paint, compound or other materials they are using and track it around so be sure all areas are covered to keep things clean.

Cleaning Tips for Removing Drywall

Since drywall compound is water based, it is generally pretty easy to get off of your carpets, and thankfully, rarely leaves any lasting damage.

Even ground in mud can be removed with some patience and elbow grease. Of course, some jobs are easier than others and even though drywall compound can be removed, you may need to try a few different tactics.

  1. If there are larger clumps you may need to break them up into small clumps using a hammer or something similar. Cover the area first so you don’t end up getting the carpet dirty from dirty tools.
  2. Vacuum with a shop vac.
  3. For remaining compound, try a spatula and carefully swipe back and forth to break up more than vacuum again. Do be too aggressive and rub too hard as you can damage the carpet fibers. Repeat as needed.
  4. When you have broken up and vacuumed up as much as you can (and if needed) take a damp clean rag and blot remaining compound. Keep the rag moist and blot until gone.
  5. Cover with a clean towel until dry then vacuum.

When cleaning drywall compound off carpet, take your time and remember, at least it won’t stain the carpet since the mud is colorless. With patience, your carpets will be looking better than ever in no time.