MotorScrubber Review

Review of MotorScrubber

Are you looking for a powerful rotary scrubbing tool? How about a rotary scrubber that is completely portable? The Motorscrubber is that, and more. Its brush head is immersible, and the tool itself is lightweight, portable, and some models have a telescoping handle so you can reach more of your cleaning projects with less equipment. No need to go find that ladder!

The MotorScrubber is lightweight, and weighs less than 4.5 lbs. It is completely portable; it operates on 12 volt DC current.

The MotorScrubber comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and is priced about $319 from internet dealers.

MotorScrubber Features:

  • 12 volt DC (only) operated unit
  • Completely portable
  • Lightweight
  • Immersible brush head
  • 70 degree pivoting scrub head
  • Accessories

12 Volt DC Operated Unit:

All MotorScrubber models are 12 volt DC only. (you cannot use AC current). There are some nice power options with the models. You can go completely portable and run off the rechargeable battery, or you have the option of a cigarette lighter adapter, or a 12 volt battery adapter. The battery lasts about 4 hours of intermittent use, and takes approximately 10 hours to recharge.


The MotorScrubbers all come with a battery, a battery charger, and a battery harness. This means you can take the tool to all your cleaning projects, no need to trip over an extension cord!


The MotorScrubber is also a lightweight piece of cleaning equipment. The MotorScrubber itself weights around 4.5 lbs, and the battery weighs an additional 7 lbs. The harness and battery are worn backpack style, so back strain is reduced or eliminated.

Immersible Brush Head:

The rotary brush head is immersible, (but the manufacturer does caution against submerging the MotorScrubber for long periods of time). This makes it a great piece of equipment for tackling the scum line on your pool or hot tub. It is also ideal as a substitute for a mop or scrub brush.

70 Degree Pivoting Scrub Head:

The pivoting scrub head follows the surfaces, edges and boundaries of the surface of what you are cleaning. This helps eliminate the need for multiple passes, and cuts down on the elbow grease required.

Accessories and Models:

The MotorScrubber has a number of accessories that are available for use with it. There is a light duty brush (MS1038), which is designed for delicate surfaces such as marble, glass vinyl and painted surfaces. The padholder disc (MS1046), is a Velcro style disc that secures pads to the MotorScrubber. There is a polishing pad (MS1060) available, to gently polish marble, tile and wood surfaces. The stripping pad (MS1066) is used for light scouring of many surfaces.

The MotorScrubber is manufactured with a few different handle options. The MS1000-HH is a hand held unit, that has a soft grip handle, but cannot “telescope” the way some of the other models can.

The MS 1000-SH is a short handled version, the 30 inch handle can telescope an additional 5 feet.

The Standard MotorScrubber ( MS1000) has a 48 inch handle and can extend up to an additional 8 feet.

There is also the MotorScrubber plus (MS1505NE), which has the same characteristics as the MS1000. In addition, it comes with a built in cleaning solution tank and dispenser. Also included is a bonus aggressive duty brush with built in splash guard. The aggressive duty brush is designed for heavy duty use, and the splash guard means you can scrub away without annoying backsplash on your shoes or pant legs!

MotorScrubber Recommendations:

The recommendations from purchasers were all positive. Comments ranged from “it’s the best all round tool where manual labor is required” to “scuff marks eliminated in seconds” Schools find these are great time and back savers. Walls, behind toilets, and urinals are easily cleaned, without the indignity of being on a person’s hands and knees.

The machine is lightweight, quiet, and easy to use. Another positive is that the fear of electrocution when working with water and power tools is eliminated. There is no electric cord dragging on a wet floor.

The scrub width of the machine is about 20 cm or slightly less than 8 inches. This could be a minor drawback. This about half the width of a normal vacuum path.