Tomcat Floor Scrubber Review

Review of Tomcat Floor Scrubber

The Tomcat is a commercial/industrial automatic floor scrubber. It is a battery operated walk behind machine or also available as a ride on machine. These machines are designed to clean the floors in large buildings, such as warehouses, car dealerships, factories, malls, and schools. The Magnum series features battery powered machines with 30 gallon tanks. There are a couple of different styles to choose from with the Tomcat. There are the “disk” machines, and the “cylindrical” machines.

The Tomcat has a few different options for scrub paths. The machines are available with a 26”, 30” and 34” scrub path. The higher the scrub path the more square feet per hour can be cleaned.

The price for the Tomcat varies from about $8400 – $10,700 plus the cost of additional equipment if necessary. The Tomcat has a 1 year warranty on labor, a 3 year warranty on parts, and a 10 year warranty on the tanks.

Tomcat Floor Scrubber Features:

  • Built tough
  • Productivity
  • Central command system
  • Scrubber/sweeper combination

Built Tough:

Tomcat industrial floor cleaners are manufactured in the USA out of heavy duty parts. The frame is constructed out of 7 gauge steel, and in the Magnum series, all fasteners are 100% stainless steel. The scrub head is protected by steel bumpers. The tank walls are extra- thick polyurethane; at 3/8 inch thickness, they are the thickest walled tank in the industry.


Tomcat floor scrubbers are built with scrub paths ranging from 29-34”. The larger the scrub path, the more surface area can be covered in one pass and fewer trips are required down the same aisle. The machines also have a large battery pack, which means they can run for longer, without stopping to be recharged. Typically the battery lasts about 5 hours worth of run time, if they become too low, all systems except “transport” automatically shut down so the operator can return the machine to the charging station. The Tomcat is also constructed with large tanks, up to 40% larger than some of its competitors, meaning less stopping to refill.

There are two different types of machines. There is the “disk” version, which uses a gimbaled mounted disk drive to conform to the flooring types. And then there is the “cylindrical” version, which also has the ability to sweep up debris while scrubbing. With this type of machine, the need to dust mop prior to scrubbing may be eliminated, thus increasing productivity.

Central Command Center:

The command center consists of a LCD readout, and 3 different hour meters. These meters help monitor machine use, and are for transport, key switch on, and scrubbing. The LCD also gives error messages, which helps in trouble shooting. The Tomcat has over 150 programmable features. The command center itself is sealed for protection against water. There are five settings for brush pressure which is maintained by the command center.

Scrubber/Sweeper Combinations:

The Tomcats that are the scrubber/sweeper combinations are built with 2 cylindrical brushes. They come in scrub paths of 26”, 30” and 34”. These 2 brushes sweep and scrub simultaneously, saving you time and money. A few of the items this machine will pick up are broken glass, nails, wood chips, and gravel.

Tomcat Floor Scrubber Recommendations:

One client wrote in to Tomcat and let them know how pleased they were with the cylindrical version. He thought it was a great machine that had many standard features, and sure to please other users. He was especially impressed with the Tomcats construction, including the bumper that protects the hoses and squeegee. He was also happy with the way the Tomcat cleaned; it removed all the tire marks left by the forklifts. One of the optional features he really liked was the soap dispensing system. This system eliminates the need for mixing chemicals, and is safer for the operator (no splash accidents while mixing heavy duty cleaning chemicals). He was also impressed with the drain plug. Imagine, a drain plug that stays put and is attached to the top of the tank. No more messy accidents or make work projects!