Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Review

Review of Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub

The Hoover FloorMate Spinscrub is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that has a 15 inch cleaning path. It vacuums, washes, and dries hard flooring surfaces with the flip of the dial. It can be used to vacuum dry debris and to wet clean hard floor surfaces such as marble, sealed wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. It comes with a number of onboard tools for easy cleaning for different types of surfaces, including grout brushes and attachments, to reach tough to get places.

The spin scrub is backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty. It weighs approx 30 lbs, and is available from internet retailers from about $165.00.

Hoover FloorMate Features:

  • EZ Select Dial
  • Dual tanks
  • Easy storage
  • Removable brushes

EZ Select Dial:

The EZ Select Dial selects which cleaning mode you want the SpinScrub to be in. The recommended order of cleaning is to dry vacuum the floor first, to clear the surface of any loose debris such as animal hair, dust, dirt etc. The brushes will not rotate in this mode. Turning the dial to “wet clean” turns the brushes on to a light agitation to help loosen any debris. The last step is to “wet pickup” which squeegees the floor, and helps reduce drying time.

Dual Tanks:

The Floor Mate is constructed with dual tanks. There is a tank for the cleaning solution, and a separate tank for the dirty water. You never put dirty water on your floor like you might if you were mopping with a mop and mop bucket.

Easy Storage:

The Spinscrub is cleverly designed with a folding handle that makes the machine more compact to store when not in use. It also has a caddy for all the cleaning attachments that fits over the cleaner nozzle for storage. Accessories and vacuum are basically attached together when stored – no more hunting around the house for misplaced parts!

Removable Brushes:

The Hoover Floor Mate and grout brushes are removable and interchangeable. You have the option of choosing which brush works best for the job. The brushes, since they are removable, can be detached from the vacuum for easier cleaning and maintenance.

The Spinscrub also comes equipped with a telescoping wand and a swivel head attachment to clean tough to reach areas. This feature allows you to easily clean small, hard to reach areas, such as behind the toilet. The telescoping wand extends to about 8 feet.

Hoover FloorMate Recommendations:


Most reviewers were very happy with the way the Hoover Floormate Spinscrub worked. The comments ranged from the product doing exactly what it was advertised to do, and it has the bonus of being a work saver and a back saver. No more cleaning floors on hands and knees, and no more dealing with a mop and mop bucket. Almost all the reviewers thought that the dual tanks were a great idea. No more putting dirty water on a surface you are trying to clean.


The only negative comments on the Spinscrub were that you have to stop and empty the dirty water tank regularly. The dirty water and the clean water tanks only have a 32 ounce capacity. You also have to work your way across the floor fairly slowly in order for the machine to do a good job.