Koblenz Floor Polisher Review

Review of Koblenz Floor Polisher

This twin brush machine works hard on cleaning your homes hard floor surfaces. With a powerful 4.2 amp motor and a lightweight design, waxing and buffing floor surfaces is ideal as there is no dispenser tank to mess with.

You can use the P-620 Floor Machine with floor cleaning products you already have only you won’t be getting on your hands and knees to scrub and polish, this little powerhouse does the work for you, making your floors shine. You get a professional shine for a fraction of the price you would get by hiring a professional.

This model may be simple but it’s very durable and portable, with a price tag of around $199.

Koblenz P620 Floor Machine Features

  • Scrub-polish-buff-wax
  • All metal motor
  • Lightweight
  • One speed brush
  • Quiet operation
  • Full bumper all around


This is a all-in-one machine. It not only scrubs your floors but it will polish, buff, and wax them.

Full Bumper:

Provides protection from marking up the walls with rubber bumper guards and the cleaning path covers 12 inches.

All Metal Motor:

The motor is all metal for durability and performance, yet very quiet. The power and strength of this motor is built to scrub and polish your floors. It should give you years of trouble free cleaning before ever needing maintenance.


It comes with a pair of power scrub brushes, a pair of polishing pads as well as a pair of lambswool buffing pads. These will all come in handy with the different floor surfaces you clean Very easy to change the pads and reuse them over and over.

Koblenz P620 Floor Machine Recommendations:

Although this will work on most hard surfaces, one owner purchased the P-620 to buff marks out of his stained concrete floors, the marks did not come out.

One husband keeps his wife’s hardwood floors spotless and shinny with this machine. The motor is quiet and strong enough and very light to move around. His wife likes her floors clean, waxed and shiny and this machine does it all. He is one happy customer. Keeps the wife happy and the household too.

Another reviewer wrote: “It sure beats waxing on your knees”. I have old hardwood floors and use past wax to protect and keep them looking nice, it does a good job. The only downfall is sometimes the pads will come off and fly across the room.