Koblenz Polisher Review

Review of Koblenz Polisher

This is called the Cleaning Machine. The P1800 is a commercial style polisher with a twin brush system for home use. This unit runs quietly and is lightweight; weighing in at 20 pounds, for easy cleaning.

With a two speed 4.2 amp motor, you get a professional clean at a fraction of the cost. Your floor surfaces will look newer for a longer period of time. The Koblenz P 1800 commercial polisher has a 12 inch cleaning path and will scrub, polish, wax and buff your floors with little effort.

It’s a rugged unit that comes with a metal housing for greater wear resistance. The T-bar handle with rubber grips offers comfort during long periods of cleaning.

There is a 1 year manufacturers warranty and pricing ranges from $170 – $200.

Koblenz P1800 Commercial Polisher Features

  • Scrubs
  • Polishes
  • Wax
  • 4.2 Amp metal motor
  • 2 speed Brush
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Non-Marking Bumper
  • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty

4.2 Amp Metal Motor:

It has 2 speed 4.2 amp and a all metal motor. This motor will not wear out and gives good suction.

Quiet, Non-Marking Bumper:

This unit is very quiet and will not disturb the household. The protective full wrap bumper prevents you from damaging any walls and baseboards.


Attachments included: power scrub brushes, scrub pads, polishing pads and lambs wool buffing pads. With these attachments you will achieve a professional clean and shine. You can even remove tough wax build up on your floors.

Koblenz P1800 Commercial Polisher Recommendations:

One commenter wrote: We have hickory hard wood floors and ceramic tile floors all throughout our home. These floors are very nice and look beautiful but up keep is never ending, time consuming and labor intensive.

To avoid many hours of mopping and cleaning I thought I would give the Koblenz Commercial Polisher P-1800 a try. I am still singing praises!. The design is awesome, it works very well. All our floors are kept so bright looking and the time we saved is unbelievable. We are always rushed in our lives and this machine has saved us. The one improvement would be to have a longer cord on it, other than that it worked wonders.

Another reviewer wrote: “Ok for the money. It’ll last me forever considering the number of times I will be using it. I do not consider it suitable for large areas or repetitive use.”

One mother of young children wrote that she opted to purchase the Koblenz Commercial Polisher because she loves her children but can’t stand the sticky floors. She wanted to have a clean, shiny floor again and didn’t have enough time in the day to scrub and buff her floors the way she likes them. She has owned the polisher for a few months and loves to using it.