Kenmore Floor Cleaner Review

Review of Kenmore Professional Carpet Shampooer/Hard Floor Cleaner

This vacuum is for your home with commercial technology. This is a carpet cleaner, hard floor cleaner, and a buffer in one machine. This unit will get the job done fast without paying the price for a professional.

The shampooer will remove the dirt from high traffic areas and those hard to get spots. The buffer will buff out hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and ceramic tile floors as well as cleaning grout.

The motor is a 4.2 amp with a 3 speed design. The tank is large, 144oz. so you can cover large areas without refilling so often.

This model weighs 18 lbs and cost around $150-$165.

Kenmore Professional Floor Cleaner Features:

  • Commercial technology for home use
  • 18 foot line cord
  • Chromed steel handle
  • Brushes and pads included

Commercial Technology:

Sears has developed a shampooer/cleaner/buffer that has commercial grade steel built in for stronger and longer lasting results. You are able to get professional results from a home machine.

Chromed steel handle :

The handle is made and designed to help you maneuver the shampooer around your floors with ease. It is sturdy and strong and you will never have trouble pushing this machine around.

The grip is designed to make it easy to hold for anyone to control the shampooer.

Brushes and pads:

The brushes included with this unit are a pair of shampoo brushes, one pair of scrubbing brushes, tan polishing pads, and lamb’s wool buffing pads. This covers the different floor surfaces in your home. You will find the right pad for the job.

Kenmore Professional Floor Cleaner Recommendations:

Moms seem to like this unit. This machine is good for cleaning light jobs and spots, so if you clean your carpets regularly it will work well for you. With kids in the home it’s nice to have a shampooer to help keep the carpets looking clean. This mother loved how it cleaned her hard surface floors. Happy to own this Kenmore Carpet Shampooer, Cleaner, Buffer.

One review said they thought the instructions were hard to follow and the unit was not heavy enough to do a thorough job. The brushes attached easily enough but they didn’t feel it preformed as well as they thought it would. It was difficult using the shampooer and getting a professional clean out of it as advertised; disappointed.

The overall complaints have to do with this model not adding up to expectations for a professional cleaning job. Hard to reach the grout without applying extra pressure and does not suck up the water from the carpets.