How To Clean a Computer Screen

Various Computer Monitor Screens that Have Been Cleaned.

Cleaning Computer Monitor Screens.

Clean a Computer Monitor

Don’t fret computer users. Are you tired of looking at that fingerprint in the middle of your computer screen? Cleaning the screen is very easy, and it only takes a few seconds.

Many ignore the simple task of cleaning the screen because they are not sure of the best way to do it.

Allowing a build-up of dirt and grime on your computer screen can spread germs and, in some cases, be harmful to the equipment.

Tips for Cleaning a Computer Screen

  • Use a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Do not wipe down the monitor with anything abrasive like a paper towel, rags, tissues, those round cotton makeup remover pads, cotton swabs, etc. These can scratch the screen and or leave lint behind.
  • Turn off the computer and monitor prior to cleaning so you can see dirt, smudges and streaks more easily.
  • Use the smallest amount of cleaner possible.
  • Do not use soaps, makeup remover, or household cleaning products.
  • Apply cleaning solution to microfiber cleaning cloth first. Do not spray directly on the computer screen.
  • Clean the screen with very light pressure using long strokes side to side or up and down. Do not use excessive pressure.
  • Check the specifications of your computer so you know what type of monitor screen you have.
  • Follow manufactures recommended method for cleaning.

There are sprays you can buy specifically for cleaning monitor screens but if you don’t have that on hand and need to clean the screen, below are methods for cleaning.

There are also electronic cleaning wipes that state they are safe for monitors, but honestly they may work for a mouse or keyboard and some other areas of the computer but I wouldn’t use them on a monitor. They are usually too moist and will leave streaks behind and possibly leave behind permanent streaking/smudging.

Cleaning a LCD Monitor Screen with LED Backlighting

As we stated above, turn the computer and monitor off and unplug them prior to cleaning.

  • With a clean section of the microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen to remove any dust.
  • Apply a small amount of cleaning spray or distilled water to cleaning cloth. Do not over wet, just a very small amount.
  • As stated above wipe the screen either side to side or up and down, do not apply pressure just gently wipe the screen.
  • If necessary, use a dry section of the microfiber cloth to gently wipe down after cleaning.
  • Let air dry before turning the computer back on.

When you are finished and if there are still streaks and smudges, you can try cleaning it again or if there is just a small streak or smudge here or there, try “huffing” the mist from your breath to the area and gently wiping again.

You can wipe down the back of the monitor (which is mostly made of plastic) with the cleaning cloth after you have wiped down the monitor screen. If the back of the monitor is dusty, spray compressed air over it prior to wiping it down. And be careful not to get the “straw” of the compressed air near the screen as you do not want to scratch the monitor screen.

Cleaning Non-LCD Screens with Glass Coating

If the monitor you have has a Non-LCD screen with a glass coating, you can get away with using a bit more to clean the screen.

  • Wipe the screen down with a clean section of a microfiber cloth to remove any dust.
  • Apply a small amount of clean solution to the cleaning cloth.
  • Gently wipe down the screen using up and down or side to side strokes.
  • Wipe dry with a clean section of the microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Wait until the screen has completely dried before turning the computer and monitor back on.

If necessary, clean the screen again. If fingerprints, smudges persist you can use a small amount of Windex. You can also use a very diluted mixture of either white vinegar or rubbing alcohol with distilled water. Again, apply to the cleaning cloth first before wiping the monitor screen.

Clean the plastic material around the monitor when you have finished cleaning the screen.

How Often to Clean the Monitor Screen

Most people will not need to clean their screen every single day. The frequency with which you will need to clean depends on several factors:

  • Number of people using the computer.
  • Number of people using the computer and it’s a touch screen.
  • Animals in the computer room that shed or kick up dust.
  • Smoking in the computer room.
  • Is there carpet in the computer room that can kick up dust?

Even if you are the only user and none of the factors listed above apply, you should still clean your computer screen at least monthly.