Tips to Clean Your Car

How to Clean Your Car

Congratulations, you’re about to embark on a wonderful adventure.

You know the importance of keeping your car clean, detailed and in tip top condition.

But, what you may not know is that cleaning your car doesn’t have to be a time consuming task.

In fact, with our speed cleaning method, you’ll have a super clean car in no time at all.

So, roll up those sleeves, grab your cleaning supplies and let’s clean that car of yours.

Cleaning Supplies:

Gather all cleaning supplies that you’ll need upfront.

  • high pressure hose or hosepipe
  • pails
  • sponges
  • garbage bags
  • dusting cloths
  • cordless vacuum
  • car wash cleaning products
  • cotton bath or beach towels
  • wash clothes
  • furniture polish
  • window cleaner
  • air freshener

Cleaning Products to Avoid:

Since each and every area in a car really does best using its own cleaning solution, I’m able to very easily tell you things to steer clear of.

Strong Detergents/Soap

The powerful solvents in many cleansing solutions may break down and harm paint, vinyl fabric, and leather-based and rubber materials. Laundry soap is extremely alkaline and most soaps leave a film residue that will dull the shine.

Ammonia Based Cleaners

Ammonia is used in some glass cleaners and all purpose cleansers.

Ammonia based cleaners will break down and split leather, vinyl and plastic. It’s possible it will harm windows, mirrors and glass.

Pre-Rinse your Car’s Exterior:

Pre-rinse and wet your car with clean water and a high pressure hose or hosepipe with a strong jet.

This will enable you to remove the loose grit. Approximate time: 3 minutes

Wash your Car’s Exterior:

You should pre-wash your car with a bucket of clean water and a superior car wash product, preferably one that contains conditioners and no built in polish. Approximate time: 10 minutes

Wash again with a sponge and cleaning pad. Work in circular motions and try not to scratch the paint. Rinse it thoroughly. Approximate time: 5 minutes

Clean The Wheels:

Brush your wheels with soap and water and then use a hard scrub brush to quickly shine them up. Rinse. Approximate time: 5 minutes

Rinse and Dry the Exterior

Rinse off your car once again and then dry it off using a specialized cloth like Chamois leather. Approximate time: 10 minutes

Cleaning the Interior

Pick up all garbage, remove, wash and/or vacuum mats; wipe down dashes with a micro cloth, console and other plastic material.

If you have leather seats, use moisturizing soap. Rub the soap on a cloth, lather it up, and clean it with a dry clean cloth.

Add air freshener. Approximate time: 10 minutes

Clean Mirrors and Windows

Last but not least, clean your mirrors and windows. Make sure that you clean them using an ammonia free glass cleaner.

Use a microfiber, pillowcase or towel to dry it. Approximate time: 5 minutes

A Microfiber dusting cloth will not leave lint and is used by professional car detailers for a streak free shine. (It’s also used by my professional maid services on all glass cleaning, dusting and when we clean the mirrors)

By following these cleaning tips, you’ll save time, money, and will possess a neat, clean, and detailed car in under one hour. So, enjoy yourself as you start this excellent speed cleaning adventure.