Removing Wine Stains

How To Remove Red & White Wine Stains

Removing Wine Stains and Spots

Dinner with family and friends is not complete without a good wine to complement a wonderful meal. For most of us that have hosted a party with friends for a holiday dinner, there is that little fear in the back of your mind that one of your guests may spill wine and stain your lovely white or beige carpet.

Now you can relax and let the anxiety go. Help is here at hand. That should be the last thing on your mind when you wine and dine with your friends.

Wine Stain Prevention:

Commercial formulations like Scotchgard work well on carpets, the couch, chairs or the sofa. You may need to apply scotchgard every six months or so to be effective. (Don’t be stingy with the spray either) The wines or grape juice stain will be repelled like oil and water. This is an excellent way to protect your furnishings from wine stains.

Stains on Carpets:

This is an easier problem to deal with vs. red wine stains. The white wines do not leave any stains if wiped up promptly and immediately after a spill. To reduce further possibility of the stain showing on the carpet, use a solution of equal part of hydrogen peroxide and soap to the stain. If there is a high sugar content in the wine you’ll want to use a spot carpet cleaner to remove as much of the wine as possible to avoid attracting dirt to the spot. You can see the stain dissolving. Both the ingredients should be applied at the same time to be effective. If you are not able to find the ingredients at hand quickly, you can blot the excess wine and pour salt on the stain to prevent setting and spreading.

Stains on Clothes:

White wine spilled on clothes does not present a major problem in removal of stain. Just pour boiling water on the stained area and rub common salt in the area. This method works on all types of clothes from wool (washable, non-washable) silk (washable, non-washable), cottons & linens, and synthetics (washable, non-washable) etc.

Stains on Carpet:

This is a challenge for homeowner and wine enthusiast. The steps to be taken for red wine spills on your carpet are as follows.

  1. Blot the excess wine with a thick absorbent cotton towel. Use paper towel if the stain is smaller size.
  2. Pour white wine over the stain and repeat the previous step of blotting the wine. Ensure that you do not rub the red wine spot. Doing so, will make the spot penetrate inside carpet making removal a difficult process.
  3. Pour boiling water and sprinkle salt. Pour water only on the spot. Pour only the minimum quantity. Sprinkle salt but do not rub it in. Blot as in last step. Repeat pouring boiling water and salt, and blotting with towel or blotting paper.
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide and soap solution as given in white wine stains to remove last traces of red wine stains from carpet.

Stains on Clothes:

Boiling water and salt method works for red wine stain too. Speed of action is important. Immediately after you notice spill, wash the stain with liberal quantity of water. Boiling water treatment and salt use can follow later. All of the red wine stain can be removed with this method. If the stain is old and dry, hydrogen peroxide and soap solution will work for removal of stain

Wine Stain Removers:

A number of commercial stain removers such as Top Wine Accessory Wine Magic, Wine Away also work well for wine stains.

Grape Juice Stain:

Fresh grape fruit stain can be removed from clothes by the same method as the one described red wine removal method. The boiling water and salt application works here too

  1. Blot the stain. Remove excess grape fruit
  2. Pour boiling water and salt on the stain
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide and soap method if stain persists.