Stain Removal Cleaning Tips

How To Remove Stains

Clothing Stain Removal

Pre-treat your tough stains with liquid detergent. Let sit for approx 1 hour. Rinse then soak your fabric in a solution of all fabric safe powdered bleach. If the stain is still sticking, and if the article of clothing is white or if it is colorfast, you can soak the entire garment in a diluted solution of water and liquid chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is hard on fabric and will damage the actual fibers with continued use, it will also change the color of your garment and the effect is irreversible. Check first for chlorine bleach tolerance on a hidden seam. If the stain does not come out within 15 minutes of using the bleach, it will not help to leave it in for longer and you’ll need to try something else.

If chlorine bleach is not safe for your fabric, use a commercial stain remover or pre-treatment according to the manufacturers instructions.

Blood Stains

Treat blood stains as soon as possible by rinsing first in cold water and then adding laundry soap for a cold water soak. First pour a very small amount of liquid laundry soap, dishwashing liquid or shampoo on the blood stain and then rub gently. Place your clothing into cold water to soak out the remaining stain. Never use hot or warm water on a blood stain as it is cook the blood and permanently set the stain in the fabric.

Grass Stains

Grass stains should be treated with a stain treatment like shout or spray-n-wash stain remover sticks. Pre-treat the stain and let it sit for about 2 or 3 hours. Launder your clothing as usual. After the load is done, check for the stain and repeat the process if necessary.

Grease Stains

Dawn dish washing liquid can be a lifesaver! Pour a small amount on the stain. Rub the cloth gently and allow the soap to soak into the fabric for a few hours. Afterward, wash the clothing as usual.

For greasy or oily stains, hot or very warm water is best. Heat helps to break up the grease stain. Check to see if the stain is totally gone after washing, and repeat the stain treatment again if needed..

Dish washing liquid works the best for grease stains, it’s the best degreaser around. It also works well on blood or grass stains.

Coffee Stains/Tea Stains

This stain can be rough. Tea and coffee stains will respond well to any conventional detergent or pre-treatment stick found at the local grocery store. Again, remember to check for the stain before tossing the garment into the dryer.

Tomato Sauce Stains

This can be a very tough stain. The difficulty of a stain’s removal is complicated by the number of ingredients it contains. Since many people make their own pasta sauce, the ingredients and solutions required can vary.

Since your sauces primary ingredient is tomato, we will use something that will counteract the acid to remove the stain. Although the stain sticks work on these stains, it may be prudent to try a little club soda or even 7-up on the stain first. This will loosen up the tomato and also help react with the acid.

Pre-treating with a topical stain stick is recommended. After washing the fabric in warm water, always check for evidence of the stain. Repeat the process if necessary. NEVER throw the stained clothing into the dryer. If the stain persists, repeat or even try a different method before washing again.

Grape Juice Stain and Red Wine Stain

The best treatment for this and any other stain is acting fast. As soon as you see a stain, treat it by using club soda. Rinse the stain with this soda, rubbing gently. Be sure to wash this very quickly. This is one stain that you do NOT want to leave sitting around.