Guide For Removing Stains

Guide For Removing Stains

How To Remove Stains

Stains happen. In fact, they happen all the time and sometimes in the most unexpected and unwanted places. It can be very difficult having to deal with a troublesome stain. If you need a great stain removal guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Read this guide to find out what we have to say about getting rid of stubborn stains. In fact, you may even be able to save clothing you thought had stains that were not capable of being removed!

Where Do Your Start?

The first thing you want to ask yourself is what type of stain you have. There are many different types of stains that can occur and in many different places and this will affect how you try to treat it.

Next, you are going to want to treat the stain as soon as possible. Getting it when it is fresh gives you a much better chance of getting it out.

Your next step is probably going to be to pre-treat the stain which will vary according to the type of stain and where it is.

Know Your Stain

Your best solution to treating a stain is to know your stain. It all possible, you need to treat it as soon as it occurs. Aside from being fresh and less set-in, this also guarantees that you remember what the stain was.

If you have properly identified the stain and you know what caused it, you will be better prepared to choose the proper technique for removing it. For example, fresh water-based stains can often be removed with just that – water.

As you know, there are many different types of stains and some of them are quite difficult to get rid of. Often, protein based stains (such as blood) are hard to get out as are permanent dyes and inks. Below are some great hints and tips for different types of stains and how to remove them.

Blood Stains

Blood is difficult to remove. Fresh blood is always easiest. Follow this guide to remove them:

  1. Place area in question in a small container, pour Hydrogen Peroxide over the spot, allow to foam.
  2. When foaming stops, check item.
  3. If stain still evident, repeat step #1.
  4. If clean, rinse with water.

Coffee Stains

There’s nothing like running late and spilling your coffee on the front of your blouse. Take the time to stop and treat it now so it will most likely come out.

  • Blot the area dry with an absorbent fabric. Do not rub it.
  • Blot on to the stain a dab of club soda. This will keep the stain from setting.
  • Cold water can help to keep the stain from setting as well, if no club soda is available.
  • Launder as you normally would, but do not place the clothing in the dryer. Allow to air dry to insure the stain is fully removed.

Wine Stains

Nothing is more bothersome, or more common, than spilling your favorite wine on your dress, your shirt or your carpet. Here are some tips for getting the wine out. Follow this guide to remove them:

  • Place stained part of the garment over an empty bowl
  • Pour boiling water over stained area.
  • Let the boiling water filter through into the bowl and the stain will disappear.

Ink Stains

There are many kinds of ink stains which occur in many places. Here are a couple hints on how to remove those.

Follow this guide to remove Ink Stains:

  • You can also remove ink stains from walls and similar surfaces by applying toothpaste. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe clean.
  • From surfaces that will not be damaged by alcohol, try dabbing some rubbing alcohol directly on the stain. Allow to sit for a while and then wipe clean or put the item in the washer. It should come out stain-free.
  • If your ink stain is on a colored fabric, try soaking it in milk overnight and then wash in the washer.

Guide To Stain Prevention

The best tactic is always prevention and while this can’t always be possible, there are some steps you can take. For example, around your home you can use a stain repellant such as Scotchgard on your carpets and furniture. This will make them resilient to stains and spills and easier to clean.

To limit tracking into carpets and floors, try laying down mats, removing shoes at the door, etc. To prevent stains from children’s markers and pens, buy special brands that only write on specific surfaces or get water-based so they are easier to clean.

Removing stains can’t be called fun, but with this guide, your stains will be history!