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Home Remedies Tips For Removing Stains

How To Remove Stains Using Products You Have At Home

It is always important to know how to handle a stain. As soon as the stain hits, it becomes vitally important for you to react. The longer it sits there, the more chances it has of settling in and becoming a permanent fixture in your home or on your clothing. This is anything but good. Yet, the good news is that you do not necessarily need powerful chemicals in your home to handle these stains. In many cases, you already have all of the things you need for powerful home remedy stain removal.

Important Notes Before Removing Any Stain

There are a few things that you will want to remember when it comes to removing stains from anything. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Only use a product that you have tested on that fabric before. If you pour something onto an heirloom rug to get rid of a stain, it is likely to stain it. Test in a hidden place first.
  • Always work as quickly as possible to remove stains. The longer it sits, the farther in it gets.
  • Blot but do not rub stains. If you rub stains, you are rubbing them in. If you blot them, you are using an absorbent towel to draw them out of the fabric back into your cloth.

Remove Stains Using Products You Have In Your Home

Most of the cleaning tools that you need are already available to you right in your home. Here are some that you can count on to provide cleaning power to you.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works to reactivate many stains. They can even help to remove things like coffee and tea. One of the most beneficial uses of hydrogen peroxide is that of removing blood, both dried and fresh, from fabrics. To do so, blot it onto the stained area. Allow to bubble for a few seconds and then blot out. Repeat this as necessary in order to remove as much of the stain as possible. Launder the item as usual.


This is a great tool to have to fix those squeaky hinges but it also works great at removing grease from fabrics of all types. You can simply spray the area that has a grease stain on it with a light coating of WD-40. You can then wash the fabric with liquid dishwashing detergent or as you normally would. It can even help to remove some set in grease stains like those from salad dressing and greasy fried foods.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great tool as well. You can use it to help get out the rust stains that can get onto your clothing from working with old tools. You can even use this on other fabric stains especially on white fabrics. If you have colored clothing that has a rust stain, add a bit of cream of tartar to the stain as well as the lemon juice. Launder the item as you normally would.

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Other Home Cleaning Remedies For Stains

There are plenty of other tools to help in cleaning your home of stains that you already have within your home.

Rubbing Alcohol

Keeping rubbing alcohol on hand is more than just for first aid treatments. You can use it to help in a number of ways. It can help to treat blood stains, remove hard water stains and even help to remove gum. To use it, just blot onto the area that is stained and blot with a clean cloth until all of the liquid has come out. In most cases, you can use this on most types of fabric. You may not need to rinse it in many cases as well.


One that many people do not know about is that of aspirin. Most of us have aspirin in our homes for medicinal uses but did you know that it can actually help to remove most of the perspiration stains from clothing as well? Simple crush several tablets and dissolve fully in a cup of hot water. Pour this over the top of the stain. The aspirin will help to remove all of the stain. Just rinse it out.

Mild Detergents Such As Dishwashing Detergent

You can use your mild, fragrance free dishwashing detergent to do more than just wash dishes with. This mild detergent makes the perfect home remedy for many stains. In most cases, it will not ruin coloring, stain fabrics and can be easily used without problems. You will want to use small amounts, blot onto the area and then use a clean cloth to blot off the stain. You should always thoroughly rinse it. Avoid using those products that have dyes in them.

There are many home remedy stain removal tips that you should have on hand to use when and if something happens. We hope these home remedies for stain removal tips help you!