Canvas Stain Removal

Tips On Removing Stains From Canvas

How To Remove Canvas Stains

Canvas is made from cotton, which is highly absorbent and we all know how well it holds onto various stains easily. If you purchased white canvas shoes; it only takes one trip through the park to have them looking as if you have had them for years.

This frustrating trend does not mean that you have to give up on your favorite white shoes.

Rather, you just need to ensure that you get them cleaned up. And we have just the cleaning tips to help you. What’s more is that even your child’s canvas shoes, mud and all, can be cleaned up to look new and suitable for another trip to the jungle gym.

First, Assemble Your Stain Removal Kit

There are several ways to wash your shoes so that the canvas looks clean. Although getting them back to being brand new is not likely to happen, you can definitely improve their appearance. To do that, get these things together.

  • A soft bristle brush
  • Cool to warm water
  • Ivory soap (or another neutral ph mild detergent)
  • If you plan to launder your shoes, you will need to have the necessary laundry detergent to help you.

Removing Dirt From Canvas

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have a bit of time to work on them. Cleaning your canvas shoes really will restore some of their value, but only if you take care in doing it.

To get started, remove the laces of your shoe and either wash them, or it is even better to just replace the shoe laces instead of trying to clean them as they are rather inexpensive. Then, use a soft bristled brush to brush away any noticeable dirt that is on the shoe. Make sure you do the soles as well as the edges.

Once you have all of the possible lose dirt removed, you will then move on to cleaning the canvas. You do not want to saturate the soles of your shoes with so much water that it takes forever to dry. But, it is okay in most cases to get them a bit wet.

You can use a market brand shoe cleaner, but using just plan Ivory soap works well too. Apply the soap to a terry cloth and then wash the shoe. You may need to use the soft brush to do the actual canvas.

As you go through the process, you can continue to blot away the dirt and soap with a dry terry cloth. You will want to rinse the shoe’s canvas well by using a clean terry cloth that has been dampened with water first. Dry them with paper towels to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

It is important to keep your shoes as dry as possible. Therefore, when you wash them you will want to use a fast drying method. Refrain from putting them into the dryer as this can damage the soles, the edges and even shrink the canvas somewhat.

Instead, fill the inside of the shoe with dry, clean paper towels and place near a ventilated and dry area. It does not need to be overly warm in that area. Allow them to fully dry before wearing them.

Removing Yellow Stains From Bleach From Canvas

Well, if you are searching for this topic, you’ve probably made the mistake of using bleach on your canvas. Bleach is good for removing stains, but not from all fabric. If bleach is used on the wrong fabric, it can cause a chemical reaction which will result in the fabric yellowing. The effect may be permanent.

To remove yellow stains on canvas made from bleach, soak your canvas in a solution of 1/2 cup of cream of tartar and 1 quart of hot water. Allow to sit overnight, then launder as usual. If this does not help you can try applying a paste of baking soda and water and let it sit overnight then launder. The last step to try if the above stain removal methods do not work is to use hydrogen peroxide from the medicine cabinet and apply straight from the bottle to the yellow stain. It may take several applications to remove the stain completely.

Mold and Mildew On Canvas

Follow the steps above for removing dirt and debris, using a brush above. Bleach is not a good solution for removing mold and mildew from canvas and it will not only damage it, but cause yellowing. To remove mold and mildew, mix a solution of 50/50 water and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol Use a white cotton towel dampened with the solution to remove mold and mildew from the canvas. Rinse thoroughly with cold water when complete.

For a few more helpful tips on canvas stain removal, read below.

Cleaning Canvas Shoes

You may be wondering if it is safe to clean canvas shoes into the washing machine. While many people do this, it is not recommended by virtually any shoe makers. It will cause damage to the shoe even though it may remove the debris from it. It is safer to use this method above to clean the shoe.

You can purchase shoe cleaning products that are designed for cleaning shoes as well. These products are helpful in providing specialized care. They can also help provide a bit of bleaching benefit, if purchased as such, to help in removing some of the stains from white shoes. You can easily find these products and they are a good solution for tough, ground in stains that you may have on your shoes.

Tips For Scrubbing Soles

The soles of your shoes and the plastic sides of them are often much harder to clean then the canvas of the shoe. If you find this to be the case, you can use a bit of Ivory soap with about a tablespoon of bleach in it to scrub white canvas shoes. To do a very good job on these areas and get into the groves there, use a toothbrush (don’t reuse it though!) to help you get a great shine.

Tough Stain Help

Grass stains, oil stains and other tough stains that you may find on your canvas shoes can be removed. For a bit of extra help here, use a laundry pre treatment product. These products are the same that you would use on your laundry. Follow the instructions provided there as to how to use, but you will want to allow the product to sit on the stain for at least five to ten minutes, without letting it dry. Rinse it and then wash as listed above.

Canvas stain removal techniques for your shoes can help you to easily get your old, worn looking shoes looking much newer. We hope these stain removal tips have helped.