Remove Blood Stains Tips

Tips For Removing Blood Stains

How To Remove Blood Stains

Accidents do happen. If blood has stained a fabric that is dry clean only, immediately flush the thoroughly with cool water. Blot the wet area with an absorbent cotton towel or paper towel. Take the stained item to a reputable dry cleaner as soon as possible.

If the material or fabric is washable, rinse the blood stained area with cold water immediately. Then apply a paste of a powdered laundry detergent or shampoo and water, and then launder as usual.

Shampoo works really well to eliminate blood stains from machine washable clothing and hand washable clothing. Fresh blood stains can be removed in seconds, while older stains may need a bit of soaking.

Stain Removal Process

  1. Pour a small amount of shampoo onto the stain.
  2. Wet the item with cold water and scrub till the blood begins lifting. Never use hot water as this will cook the blood and set the stain.
  3. After scrubbing soak the item for a few hours.
  4. Launder. If the blood stain remains, repeat the process. Do not dry on high heat if any blood remains.

Stain Removal In General

It’s best to remove blood stains as soon as you find them. Remember to always use cold water when removing a blood stain, as hot or warm water will cook the blood and set the stain making it nearly impossible to remove. Shampoo and cold water works really well to remove stains quickly. For blood stains older than 24 hours, soak the material in cold water for about 1 hour then get started on removing the stain as you would a fresh stain.

Blood Stains On Sheets

To remove blood stains from your washable cotton bedding, just follow these basic steps.

  1. Pour a small capful of shampoo on the stain
  2. Rub the soiled portions between your fingers
  3. Rinse with very cold water.
  4. When the blood stain is gone, launder as usual

Stain On Washable Fabrics

If blood stains washable fabric, immediately rinse in cold water, while rubbing with your fingertips. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. If a stain remains, add some shampoo to the stain and rub with your finger tips. Never use warm or hot water on blood stains. It will set the stain and make it impossible to remove. Wash the clothing in cold water.

Stains On Non Washable Fabrics

If blood stains non washable fabric, just add a few drops of ammonia to some cold water and then dab on the stain. Rinse in cold water and the blot. If the stain remains take it to the dry cleaners. Leather and suede fabric will need to be dry cleaned as soon as possible.