Cleaning Marble Floors

How to Clean Marble

Cleaning marble is hard work, there is no doubt.

If you have made the investment in using marble on your flooring, your countertops or in your bathroom, you need to know how to clean it and clean it so thoroughly that it looks like it is brand new.

Sometimes we find scuff marks on it. Other times it is the things that spill onto the surface. While each case is its own creature, cleaning marble can be done effectively.

Here, we will take a look at some of the ways in which we can clean up this beautiful investment we have made in our homes.

Cleaning Precautions

The first and foremost tip I have for you is to NEVER, EVER use vinegar or other acid based products on your marble floors.

The problem with marble cleaning is that the surface of the marble is not hard enough!

Marble is very porous and decintrigates easily when exposed to acid and you will be left with etching on the marble surface. Acids, even the mild acid in vinegar will actually dissolve the finish and permanently etch the surface.

If the polish is marred with scratches, the quality of the marble is diminished significantly. So, the question is, how can we clean marble effectively?

Marble is very delicate and must be cleaned with pH neutral, gentle cleaners.  Also mild gentle cleaning products are required. Always use a neutral pH cleaning products.

How to Clean and Care for your Marble

The first thing that you need to do is to take proper care of your marble. Treat it as you would a highly expensive piece of wood furniture.

Marble is a tricky product because of how porous it can be. Therefore, it is necessary for you to work quickly to clean it. Also, protecting it is necessary. You should always follow the care instructions provided by the marble manufacturer if and when you find that your marble is of a specific or rare type.

Do not place glasses on it directly. If something does spill on the marble, wipe it up as soon as possible for the very best results.

You also need to maintain it on a regular basis to protect it.

  1. The best method for cleaning marble is to use a terry cloth that is clean to wipe up any debris.
  2. Wet it with lukewarm water, not too hot.
  3. It is rare that you should need to scrub marble and you should not use any types of harsh chemicals on your marble.
  4. Rarely, you can use a very mild detergent to wash it down, but this does not need to happen more than once every few months.
  5. Finally, always use dry paper towels or a dry terry cloth to dry and shine the marble to prevent the liquid from getting into the marble itself.

Heavy Duty Marble Cleaning

Sometimes, this type of cleaning is just not enough to really clean the marble. If this is the case, follow these steps.

  1. Purchase a high quality commercial marble cleaning product.
  2. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Purchase a commercial grade marble polish to help seal the marble when needed.
  4. Avoid purchasing harsh cleaning products that are sold by some manufacturers.
  5. Take care to provide this type of attention whenever there is a need, but not as a regular cleaning.

Removing Marble Stains

Sometimes we just can not help the fact that bad things happen. Sometimes even with good care, our marble will end up stained. If and when this happens to you, you should follow these tips to help get you through this condition.

Etched Marble

  • If your marble is etched or has become dull, you can use tin oxide products to help clean them.
  • Rub them on with a terry cloth.
  • Buff with an electric polisher which can be found at your home improvement store.
  • If you can not find them, call on a professional company to buff and restore the finish of your marble.

Food Stains

  • Wipe up any type of stain as quickly as possible.
  • Wet a terry cloth with 20% peroxide plus a teaspoon of ammonia.
  • Apply to the area and allow to sit for several minutes.
  • The stain will be removed. If not, repeat.

Oil Based Stains

  • Cover the area with corn starch after wiping the debris from it.
  • One hour later, remove this layer of powder and reapply. Allow to sit for an additional 24 hours.
  • Brush off.
  • Wash with mild detergent solution and warm water. You can also use a brush to help but insure that it does not damage the marble.
  • Make sure to rinse off with clean terry cloth and warm water. Then, shine to dry.