Best Way to Carpet Clean

The Best Way to Clean your Carpets

Everybody has their own opinion on the best way to carpet clean.

Personally, I think there is an optimum way to do the job but there are different aspects to cleaning a carpet.

The correct process really depends upon the exact job that needs to be done.

Vacuuming up Dirt:

Naturally, daily cleaning of your carpeting is necessary for basic home maintenance. A high powered vacuum cleaner is the best option but honestly, any vacuum will suffice. The whole idea is to get as much dirt from not only the carpet but from the padding underneath it.

Vacuuming is not a race to see how fast you can get it done. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by explaining the in depth details of how to work a vacuum.

I will say that it is very important to use the hose to get the edges. Dirt that builds up in the corners and at the edges of the woodwork is not only unsightly but unhealthy too. It can cause breathing problems even in healthy people. You should also be sure to move all furniture weekly and vacuum under it. This will help keep your carpets clean and last longer.

Removing the Dreaded Urine Stain

Anyone that has ever had a pet knows that accidents do happen. As the owner of six Newfoundland dogs, I am a self-proclaimed expert at getting rid of the stain as well as the odor.

I hate stains on my carpeting and odors are just unacceptable in my home. You will need to get wads of paper towels to soak up the urine. Do not rub the area as it will merely cause the paper towels to break apart and cause more of a mess. Continue to pull the mess out of the rug until the area is nearly dry.

Odor Removal

Get as much out of the carpet as you can before cleaning. Mix one half cup of white vinegar with one half cup of hot water. Add about two drops of dish detergent and stir it up. Work the solution into the stained area with a soft white cloth. Soak the fluid back out using more paper towels. Follow this process until the stain is completely gone. When the stain is gone, the stink will be gone too.

Cleaning Greasy Oily Stains

I learned how to get rid of grease on my white carpeting during my first month of marriage. My wonderful, new husband came home from work and walked in the living room wearing greasy shoes. At least he walked backward out of the room when I yelled but he forgot to retrace his steps.

Getting rid of the grease prints wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A simple solution of one half cup hot water and two tablespoons of Lestoil worked wonders. Dip a white washrag into the mixture and work it into the carpeting.

Using another rag, soak the fluid out of the rug. Do this repeatedly until the grease stain is gone. If the stain is very heavy, use more Lestoil in the mixture.