A Clean Home Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

A Clean Home and How it Can Sell Your Home Faster.

Can a Clean Home Sell Your House Faster.

Should I Hire a House Cleaning Service When Selling My Home?

There’s a lot of expense that goes into selling a home. Does cleaning really need to be one of them?

Ask yourself this: If you were a potential home buyer touring a home on the market and you walked into a dirty, chaotic mess, what would your first impression be? You’d probably think the house is worse than it is, or just too much effort to deal with.

First impressions when selling a home could be the difference between a deal or no deal. Asking price met or not. Buyers don’t want to see a dirty kitchen or bathroom, dirty floors or carpets, messy bedrooms or family room. They want to see a clean inviting space that could house their family.

Is there a solution to getting your home ready to sell? Yes, of course.

Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Company

Let’s face it – most families selling a home are living in it, buyers are aware of this. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your house cleaned beforehand, whether on your own or by a professional house cleaning company.

Professional house cleaning companies offer many packages, including some that can help with the selling process. These are a few of the services Mrs. Clean offers that can help you out. The links will open in a new tab for your convenience: deep cleaning, move out cleaning and custom cleaning services.

A cleaning professional will know that when you’re trying to sell, you want the home to be sparkling! Meaning cobwebs gone, a clean refrigerator, clothes folded and put away, the beds made, windows and window tracks cleaned, floors spotless, bathrooms shining and so on.

Then, when realtors are ready to walk their clients through your home, it’s presentable and less for you to worry about.

When you’re booking the appointment, don’t forget to mention that your house will be going on the market. A house cleaning company with trained professionals can help create a cleaning package that is right for you.

What Will a Cleaning Company Do?

In a nutshell, professional house cleaning companies will:

  1. Make your home look better for potential buyers.
  2. They will help make the first impression a good impression.
  3. When you have a clean home that looks good and leaves a good impression, it can reduce the time your home is on the market.

With most companies, maids bring all the cleaning supplies and equipment necessary to clean your home. If you have cleaning products you’d like them to use, just mention it when you book your appointment.

Maids can get to many places, but because of safety and insurance restrictions, there are certain things a maid cannot do, such as climb ladders, so be sure to ask what the limitations are.

We mentioned some things maids will do above but there is more. The maids will make sure the entry point of the home is clean and tidy – shoes and coats put away, tables clean and organized, etc. And as the clients start looking around they will notice clean furniture, polished tabletops, organized pantry, dishes put away, baseboards dustless, pictures straight, and clean fixtures.

Hiring a maid service will get you where you need to be, they will get the hard work done so thereafter, you only need to do light work and clean up which helps frees up a lot of your time.

If your house hasn’t sold within a few weeks and you need additional help, you can always make another appointment – it will pay off in the end.

What Does the Homeowner Need to Do?

Prior to having a cleaning company come out, the homeowner may want to downsize/organize/store some items away. Your realtor will most likely suggest this to you as well. This is a good idea so all the hard work that went into getting the house clean doesn’t make it dirty and dusty again.

Here are some things to ask yourself before the maids come:

  1. If you have kids, can you downsize or store some toys to keep clutter down?
  2. Can you pack away knick-knacks to keep the appearance of clutter down?
  3. If closets are jammed packed with clothes and other items, can seasonal clothes be packed away?
  4. Do you have furniture you know will not make the move with you that can be donated?
  5. Is there anything that needs to be replaced?

These are just a few things that a realtor may suggest you do, but it will help to have these done before a cleaning company comes out.

A cleaning company doesn’t work on the outside of the house, but since they have the inside sparking, you should also think about making the outside as presentable as the inside.