Cleaning With Dish Soap

How to Clean Using Dish Soap.

How to Clean Using Dish Soap

If you’re like just about everybody else that uses dishwashing detergent, you use it to clean dirty pots, dishes, and silverware, right?

No, dish soap can be used in many ways and not just in the kitchen. Think about it – dish soap cuts grease and does it very well – it’s used on water fowl when there is an oil spill so that says something!

Using dish soap can often be the better choice for some jobs rather than using a product with harsh chemicals, plus if you’re like me, you probably have bottles of it under the kitchen sink or in the pantry.

Let’s take a look at where you can use dish soap and where you shouldn’t use dish soap.

Removing Greasy Oily Stains from Clothing

Dish soap is mild enough to use on most fabrics, even your washable silk and wool items.

Gently rub a bit of dish soap (rub the material between your thumbs or gently use a soft clean toothbrush) into the stain, let sit a few minutes and launder as usual.

Cleaning Surfaces around the House

Dirty baseboards, windowsills, countertops, and cabinets can also be cleaned with dish soap.

In a clean bucket or large mixing bowl, add warm water then a few drops of dishwashing liquid (not too much as you don’t want to leave a soapy residue behind) and swish around to mix.

Use a clean cloth, dampen it, and wipe down the surfaces. Rinse cloth as needed and change water as needed.

If you think you’ve used too much soap, use another clean cloth to wipe down with plain water and dry.

Cleaning Outdoor Patio Furniture

Before you clean the patio furniture make sure you have removed any leaves and loose debris and rinsing it off with the hose.

Add a little squirt of dish soap to a bucket or large bowl of warm water. Swish to mix, wipe down then rinse again with the hose.

Should you Wash the Car with Dish Soap?

Many car experts and enthusiast say you should never wash the car with dish soap. Dish soap can erode and damage the paint and can damage the protective coating.

To properly and effectively wash the car, use an automobile car washing soap that is suitable to wash the painted surface of your car or truck. These are available at car parts stores and many big box stores.

Can Dish Soap be used in the Dishwasher?

When washing dishes by hand, dish soap works great and you’ve seen how it can produce a lot of suds – but, should you use dish soap in the dishwasher? No!

If dish soap is used in the dishwasher, the high sudsing action of it can easily spill out and onto the kitchen floor. It may also leave a residue behind on the dishes you just washed and the inside of the machine which means your most likely going to have to run a few empty cycles to remove the sudsy residue from inside the machine and wash a bunch of dishes by hand.

Use a detergent that is designed specifically for the dishwasher.

Pretty cool isn’t it? Now you have some extra uses for those extra bottles of dish soap you’ve got stored away.