Organizing Clutter in Your Home

A Clean, Organized and Inviting Living Room.

How to Organize Clutter

No matter what your personal style or preferences are, we all have clutter (to some degree or another) in rooms throughout the house and we all want to get rid of it.

Clutter is a nuisance, not just because you can’t find anything, it can also lead you to feel anxious and a little depressed.

I remember a time when I was younger that I lived amongst the clutter and chaos. I know firsthand how difficult it can be and how it makes you feel.

The thought of going through everything in the house and getting it organized can be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t think you’re alone, because you’re not! There are many families just like yourself who are weighed down by the clutter problem.

It’s time to stop. Instead of the clutter controlling you, it’s time for you to control the clutter! Improve your mood and lifestyle with these simple steps to help you get started and to conquer that mountain of clutter.

Start with one Room

The key to organizing your clutter is to begin with a single room and finish it to completion. This will help keep you motivated and it can be easier especially if you have a lot of clutter.

Once you commit to one room and finish it, you’ll get the much needed rush of pride and adrenaline that will encourage you to keep going.

One thing to keep in mind – don’t let interruptions happen. I mean take a potty break when needed but you have to stay on task. It’s so easy to get sidetracked a simple phone call can set you back.

This is the day you’re going to start kicking the clutter to the curb. You go girl!

To Keep or Not to Keep

The best way to sort through the items you are keeping or not keeping is to separate them.

As you’re going through the clutter make one pile for the things that will stay in the room and one pile for the items you will be getting rid of.

Your goal is to establish what you need and what you don’t. It’is important you don’t second guess yourself at this stage.

You may also need another pile for the things you find that belong somewhere else in the house. These can be dispersed at a later time when you’re cleaning out one of those rooms.

Before you start the sorting process, go to your local grocery store or craft store and get yourself some free boxes.

These are perfect for the things you won’t be keeping, it will make it so much easier to move the stuff when you’re done sorting through the clutter.

Give it Away, Throw it Away, or Sell It

For the clutter you’ve removed from a room you don’t need, want, or is damaged, decide what can be given to charity and what is garbage then take the appropriate action.

I have friends who have placed good furniture items at the end of their driveway with a “Free” sign and it’s gone by the end of the day.

If you want to try and recoup some money, there are online options for selling stuff or if the weather is nice, you can have a garage sale.

Everything Has a Place

When you have completed the sorting process it’s time to put things back and get everything organized.

Think about the types of items you’re keeping and organize them appropriately but don’t overdo it. Buy decorative baskets, purchase storage containers, wall shelves, or whatever is appropriate for the room you are organizing then start putting things back – in its proper place.

If you are going to be storing items in containers, label them all clearly enough so the rest of the family will know where to put things such as games, blankets, art supplies, etc.

Discuss with your family your ideas for keeping rooms clutter free. Now everyone is on the same page and keeping the house clutter free becomes a family affiar.

 Moving On

When you’ve finished with the first room, I’m sure you’re feeling pretty good about what you’ve done.

Now that you have completed it, you can move on to the next room and repeat the process.

With each room you clean and organize, this process will get easier and you will start to develop organizational skills you’ve come up with that best suits your family.

Once everything is organized and your clutter is at a manageable level, keeping things in their place will be much easier.

Follow the Six Month Rule

Hopefully you and your family have been able to keep your home clutter free.

For this process you need to walk through each room with small bins. With your bins in hand, start at one area of the room and assess everything that’s not nailed down.

The items you use daily will be easy to keep and the ones that you didn’t know you had will be easy to get rid of.

But what about the items in between? One easy rule of thumb is this – if you haven’t used it in six months, get rid of it. “But I just might need it someday!” you declare.

You may need a lot of things someday, but remember that what you definitely need right now is a clutter free home.